Best QB In The East?

  1. HAM. *Mitchell. Unquestioned resume but is he already done ?
  2. TOR. Kelly. TOR says theyre going with this guy. Tiny sample size. Who knows what they have here.
  3. MTL. Fajardo. Polarizing. Verdicts range from adequate to good to fraudjardo.
  4. OTT. Masoli Entering year 11 of a quest to prove he's a bonified, reliable, starting QB.

The correct answer is 1. Mitchell. Question marks but its still yet to be proven.

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Mitchell - Hamilton
Masoli - Ottawa
Fajardo - Montreal
Kelly - Toronto


Fajardo and Masoli are a saw-off. Masoli with the edge in arm strength.

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Masoli is the highest paid and top Eastern QB
Mitchell a chance for a reset slides in at 2
Fajardo will be in a tire fire again but I like him
KABOOM goes Jimmy's nephew

Interesting . Three replies so far and three different lists and opinions .

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BLM, Masoli, Shiltz, Fajardo, Kelly.


I believe BLM is the highest paid Eastern QB at 520k.
I think Masoli took a pay restructuring (took less in 2023 and moved it to 2024) but was still going to be less then 520k either way.
BLM, Masoli,..................., Fadjardo, Kelly


Prediction. Masoli has better stats than Bo but not the record to go with it.

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Hmm. Interesting take.
I'm not entirely convinced Masoli is even the second best QB in the div.

More a reflection of QB play the past few years, but 2019-2022 Masoli is better than the majority of QB play last year.

He's better than everyone not named Collaros and Harris in 2022.


Im throwing out 2022 Fajardo because of SSK's trainwreck O-line and team turmoil. Fajardo is my no. 2. "best"

With all the QB movement the new QB for a team that can gel with their receivers faster will be the best. Teams need to realize that this will take a few games as practice does very little. It should be something to watch.
My list of new QB's and how well they will do


  • could be the quickest to gel with receivers. *

I go with Masoli if he can stay healthy.

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A ton of time away for Masoli. Factor-in the injury. Not sure how significant either of them are but something to consider.

Yes you are right but my thinking he has lots of time to work out and prepare but all these guys will have issues early. Cornilius for the Elks will have simlar issue so I would say Mitchel will get lots of work early. I forgot to mention Harris he too will have issues early

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Regardless TSN will use "needs to shake off the rust" about 100 x.


Bo would be my first choice. He’s not washed up yet.
My next choice, I don’t think anyone would agree with me is Arbuckle. The rest are a crapshoot.


Interesting. Tell us about Arbuckle.

Loved this guy when he came off the bench in Calgary and killed it. Since then he hasn’t played enough or had the receivers or protection to shine. I was hoping he’d land in Montreal.

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I like Schiltz as well.