Best QB in the CFL at this point in the season?

My vote would go to Ricky Ray at this point as his completion percentages are through the roof. His TD to INT ration is unreal as well.

No argument from me, greenandwhite. . . Ricky Ray by a mile.

I agree as well... but I wonder how if the Eskimo fans are enjoying watcing Ray again, even though its for another team... :twisted:

You could have made a case for Durant up until yesterdays stinker. I think it's Ray also. Burris is having a pretty good season as well, considering the group of receivers he had for the first 6 games.


I'm looking for a long rope and Eric Tillman, has anybody seen him?

Haha, yeah this one is almost unanimously gonna be Ray. But Durant has been good and so has Glenn!

I like watching Mike Reilly and Lulay play always, but they are young and have room to improve.

Definetly Ray

so, the top 3 vet or starters are Ray (as much as I hate to admit), Durant (in spite of this weeks game), and Burris (who is my fav)

my top 3 young guns are Reilly, Collaros, and Mitchell. First two remind me some of Flutie and Mitchell just gets it done.

travis look out, reilly is coming up behind you

Ray, no question. He is on a tear.

Best completion rate by far (78.1%) and passer rating 133.0 in the league with 14 TD's and 0 INT.
just incredible.

Durant and Burris follow next respectively.

Ray is on fire for sure.

I don't recall the last time 2 QBs were this deep into the season w/o an INT...on top of that, Henry is on pace 5500 yards and is leaving them in the dust in that manor...really interesting stuff.

Right now,I'd have to say it's a three way tie between Hall,Goltz and Pierce..... :oops: :roll: followed closely by Ray,Burris and Durant :slight_smile:

If Ricky Ray is so good why isn't he Passing Leader in the CFL? That title goes to Henry Burris who has probably the best arm in the CFL and a canon at that!!!

Ray missed 1 game, thus the large gap in passing yards between Burris and Ray
Burris would still have the lead, no doubt, but not as glaring.

Ricky Ray ...........all the way. The guy just keeps getting better and better. Hanks a very close second but I much prefer the calm assured presence of RR compared to the often over-emotional Smilin' Hank. And....after last night's performance, I would have to say Mike Reilly is the best up and coming new QB in the league.

Look at the quarterback rating and completion percentage. Ray is about to set records in both categories by a full time starter that may never be touched. Burris is very good but he's not even close.

Both Toronto and Saskatchewan have a running game, which Hamilton does not have at this point. I still think the yardage differences wouldn't be quite as vast had both Durant and Ray not missed a full game plus a couple of quarters. I think you also have to factor in that backups have gotten some action in blowouts as well.

I think where Burris should get some credit is that he's had good numbers with an injury depleted receiving corps. He's missing Chris Williams, and Fantuz and Stala missed quite a number of games.

Easily Ricky Ray.

more TDs, Less (no) INTs, 30 points in passer ratings, more wins, 13% more completion %...that's why few choose anyone Henry.

Their all having great seasons thus far, but right now it is all Ray.

My heart says Burris but my head says Ray.

Keep in mind, Burris for the first half of the year was playing in an excessively pass heavy offense which padded his numbers quite a bit to the detriment of the team. It's also why most of his other statistical categories have suffered.