best poster?

so which did you choose??

You forgot non of the above. Blackdale you are a pritty good poster, but I'd say redandwhite is the best.

no i did not forget. sorry, i was bored and just being an ass. thanks for the complement though.

I gave you your only vote because your thread did make me smile. :slight_smile:

Blackdale...You're okay, TMFM is right, I like Red & White too. I actually think he is a player or coach because his style reminds me of someone, but I can't put my finger on it yet....

thanks for the support but don't forget the likes of bigdave -- although guilty of grossly underestimating my blue and gold he usually has good posts, is willing to look up stats and annually runs the huddle grey cup competition. red & white is going to develop an ego at this rate.

this thread was a joke the poll very tongue in cheek just in case you have had trouble figuring that out however i guess it is a way to acknowledge good posters. i think i speak for all when i say.. good posters, we appreciate you. i am getting all teary eyed from this feel good non confrontational tripe.

how bout starting a thread where there are actually a whole bunch of posters as options, and we can see who is the best,,,and no one votes for themselves.

this is not a competition. i think it is one thing to acknowledge your appreciation for another poster but there is something just wrong about competeing to be the best. i enjoy reading most peoples post with a few notable exceptions ie gades. now everyone can go to sleep happy tonight.

competition is fun

blackdale you are one of the best posters on this forum.....NOT because you are an excellent fan of the BOMBERS ( I guess that helps) lol. but beause you are informative and fair-minded in your comment.....BigDave is also a good poster...and a few others......a little off the topic but about posters what ever happened to BIGSEXYDAWG....haven;t seen a word from him since the ol' forum. :roll:

i know...i was questioning that before, but no one responded to me so i gave up the search.

....appreciate the comments boys but I have to agree with is the sum of he individuals that is the important thing here and none of us is above the other.......even if you totally disagree with what someone says it is the fact they say it that is important.......then let the smack begin........

BigDave usually has some good posts along with RedandWhite, and Eskimos32001 seems to be preety smart as well

You guys are making me blush. :oops:
I've never really thought about it; I enjoy reading everyone's posts. Even those of the Argo fans. :wink:

[b]There are alot of people that make good posts in here. I don't want to single anyone out as being better, or worse than anyone else. Just keep up the good work my friends.

Oh, and there are some people in here that are talented with the smack too. It's great to run the smack out there, and know that it is all in fun. You are my kind of people... You know who you are. [/b]

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I’d give RedandWhite my vote, partially because he cheers for the best team. BigDave is #2, and myself #3.