Best post game interview - DeVier Posey

After hearing the same comments coming out of most players mouths post game year after year it was very refreshing hearing something of substance coming from DeVier Posey. Clearly this man has his priorities straight - and no, I am not referring to his personal beliefs or faith, it was the rest of the commentary that I greatly admired. Very well said...

Marquay McDaniel,s post game was epic

I just lost a lot of respect for him tonight.

That was one angry Grey Cup loser. His teammates must love him.

So back to back losses by Stamps and back to back throwing a team-mate under the bus by same Stamps. Didn't B Levi throw his coach under the bus last year?

He's taken to Twitter to defend himself.

Y'all too sensitive on twitter lol. I never blamed anyone for the loss. Didn't throw anyone under the bus. If I fumbled I would've said it was stupid football.


[i]Stupid football lost us the game, I wasn't talking about one play. Like I said if I fumbled at that point in the game I'd say it was stupid football.[/i]

A weak walk-back Markie.
Unless he does some major damage control in the next 24 Hrs dont know how you bring him back next year like nothing happened.
Dont know how CAL goes forward. Leave everything the same and hope you dont choke again?

Marquay can try to defend himself all he wants. We all knew what he meant and what his intentions were.

What did you think of DeVier though?

Will Drew Edwards cut Mcdaniel from his ex-Cat all star team?

Took a look at the Calgary fan site message board. They want major change and house cleaned. Calling Bo a choke artist. Calling for DD to be fired.... talk about 1st world football problems.

Around here we put coaches and QBs on the wall of honour for a 6-4 finish.

All on DD. Flat out robbed his players needlessly. Hes also responsible for team culture which obviously needs work. Is swallowing ego and playing for the tie that difficult. Selfish.

Not sure what this kid's contract status is in TO, but wouldn't be surprised if he jumped to the NFL next year if that window is open. Posey was clutch in key moments in multiple games. Remember the last minute catch he made against us at THF?

Soft throw into double-coverage when you're in position to at the very least kick a FG to tie was nasty.

But BLM is still only 27, and up to that point he'd played a good game. Only QB in the league I'd take ahead of him is Reilly.

And of course the 109 yard fumble return and the 100 yard play by Posey were killers. Just shows how important focus and hustle can be on any given play.

Pretty much said it all, God doesn't want Calgary to win. Calgary full of hate. Calgary didn't stick together... No love in Calgary, God hates alberta.

(i mean he said the opposite about toronto, so you've gotta imagine he meant the inverse regarding calgary)

His honesty was refreshing.

However, he threw the rest of the players and the coaching staff under the bus.

It has been said that football is the ultimate "team" sport.

Therefore, you win as a team andlose the same way...

I agree Smogmonster, a person's beliefs are their own, DeVier Posey's comments were honest and straight from the heart. I especially liked the comment about the shoe change; giving credit to the equipment guy. This is more proof (after the 2016 cup) that the best team wins the cup.... not the most talented.

That's it Pal, No going Back. You locked the Barn Door after the Horses got out.

Calgary has had a long run at being the best during the regular season and two Grey Cup loses in a row due to questionable calls by Dickson has obviously worn on some of the players. As much as I do not like anything Toronto it was nice to see that smirk off of BLM face and McDaniel throwing his team mates under the bus. Kind of reminds me of being at work.

Who in their right mind would throw in to double coverage and expect good things to happen ......... Bo don't know football. Priceless

Here's a short video of McDaniel's own performance on the play, over which he threw his teammate Jorden under the bus: (Scroll down in this link to the video)

Had he, McD, put in just a little effort, he could have prevented Vaughn from scoring.

Anyone else remember MM fumbling in the 2010 East semi?