Best post ever on old website?

Search the Archive for this one. What was the single best post on the old site you ever saw? I made so many…heh heh heh. (I posted under a much different name.)

Actually, I thought the most entertaining post was after last years’ eastern final and the Argos lost. The post was by ExPat in a thread called “Let’s Make Fun of Others.” It made me laugh, though maybe is not as amusing now. Take a look:

[i]This won’t be the classiest post, but it will feel good anyway.

I saw a stat that said Dave Dickenson has only ever won one playoff game as a starter - and that was back in 1999. I think that’s funny. He is undeniably great in the regular season though. Congratulations to him.

Levingston fumbled twice. He is not as good as he thinks he is. He hurt his team this year more than he helped it. I think that’s funny too. Remember when he threw his helmet at a kid in the stands?

The media consensus seems to be that Damon Allen is the greatest QB of all time. It takes him 21 years to get his first 5,000 yard season, his first league all-star selection and his first MVP award, and now that qualifies him as the best. I’ll concede that he plays great in Grey Cups if his supporters will concede that it takes him an average of 5 years or so to lead his team to the Cup (out of a 4 or 5 team division). If memory serves - 1987, 1993, 2000, 2004. In other words, he’ll be back in 2009, at age 46, when the law of averages kicks in once again.

Arland Bruce ducked out of bounds when his team needed a few more yards to get a crucial first down. John Avery misses more games than he plays, and doesn’t play particularly well when he is in there - and they pay him Boatloads of money to be mediocre. Soward went into the stands for popcorn on the way to seeing his team eliminated. Robert Baker has served time in prison and he thinks he’s a hip-hop artist.

These things are all funny now that the Argos have lost. At least according to my sense of humour. [/i]

I stand by my two main points from that post: it was not classy, but it was funny to me. I didn't enjoy last season as a Ticat fan, yet magically I was still able to derive pleasure from the Argos' big loss.

I distinctly remember this post. It captured my sentiments exactly on that glorious day.