Best Position Groups 2022

Just like the Title says best position groups

Offensive Backfield (QB, HB, FB)
Lions: If Rourke had played a full season, he would be leading the league in every category. Butler is second in rushing, he's also the leading reciever in terms of halfbacks. Mackie is a great blocker and almost had a 100 yard rushing game. Bombers are a close second.

Recievers (WR, SB)
Lions: Have a 1000 yard reciever (Rhymes)and two guys knocking on the door (Hatcher and Whitehead). Cottoy and Burnham have almost 600 yards each.

Offensive Line ( C, G, T)
Stampeders: Blocked for the leading rusher and gave up the least amount of sacks. Even their 6th offensive lineman, has played well.

Defensive Line ( DE, DT)
Lions: They often rotated seven and sometimes eight defensive linemen. Their defensive ends alone account for 29 sacks, second in pass defense and third in run defense. I do think other teams have better defensive tackle starters and depth. The Stamps could also challenge for this spot.

Linebackers (WLB, MLB, SLB)
Riders: Dean, Sankey and Moncrief are arguably the best starting three in the league. Dalke and the Herdman-Reed brothers provide good depth.

Secondary (CB, DHB, S)
Bombers: First in passing yards, second in passing TDs allowed. Only fifth in interceptions though.

I might argue with you about receivers, since the Bombers are so stacked there, too. And the backfield is almost a toss-up with a healthy Rourke. But with VA3, I think the Bombers are clearly better.

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I'm not a big fan of "if" or "what could have been" sure Rourke got out of the gate hot. But once teams had time to watch film and find the lions tendencies rourke "could" have been stopped. Possible but we don't know.

The Bombers started what the 1st 3 or 4 weeks trying to split time between Olivera and Augustine, pretty sure everyone counted out the bombers rushing attack this year. Also the schemes they draw up for the hybrid Demski when he lines up as RB. They are the ONLY team that was not stopped on 3rd and short. McCrae always has big gains when he touches the ball.

Receivers without looking at the numbers again the bombers depth doing it without wolitarsky, Ellingson in the line up. The Rookie Schoen, Demski, it doesn't matter who is out there Collaros is slinging the rock to them all

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