best players lost to nfl.

every year the amount of players lost to nfl annoys me a little. so i felt like putting a list of one player from each team lost the nfl, thats was the hardest to swallow. most are recent but i put a few in from years past. i omiited warren moon from the list cause thats a no brainer

Winnipeg- phillip Hunt
saskatchewan- Andy F.
Calgary-jeff garica
Toronto-doug flutie
Montreal- andrew hawkins
BC- cam wake
hamilton-Garrett McIntyre
Edmonton- Mark restelli

i would love to hear what you peeps think.

Rocket Ismail is another one that comes to mind.

it was a tossup with me between the rocket and flutie. i went with flutie due to the rockets second season... it was an aweful season in toronto. but flutie left on a high note of a grey cup, and the argos struggled after the loss of flutie to return to the former glory.

with edmonton i almost put gizmo since he was gone for a bit, but they got him back.

I'll add a couple from years gone by;
Lions - QB Joe Kapp
Argos - QB Joe Theismann

Lions - WR Mervyn Fernandez
Argos - WR Terry Greer

I guess Argos - RB Leon McQuay is another one.

Sask-John Chick

chick more then andy F.?

peewee smith for the stamps.

Marc Boerichter(sp?)
Derek Armstrong

when boerichter came back to the CFL, he was a dud. released by calgary, then picked up by toronto and released again. i sometime referf to it as the nfl curse... super good player leaves, gets cut, comes back never to regain orriginal form. im curious to see how foley does.

No disrespect to Andy intended at all, but I have to say YES! Receivers are a lot easier to replace than rush ends.

im thinking getzlaf is going to prove you very right on that statement this year.

Also there were great Head Coaches that went to the NFL years ago, thus made me atleast try to get into their game more.
Bud Grant - Winnipeg to the Minnesota Vikings
Marv Levy - Montreal to the K.C. Chiefs then later Buffalo Bills

O J Brigance
Mike Vanderjagt

also, I can't remember how to spell his name, but there was a fella named drinkwater or drinkwalter?

Wayne Drinkwalter DT - B.C. Lions

Toronto: Cookie Gilchrist (5-time CFL All-Star).

Brandon Browner :thup:

This - the two best CFL receivers in my lifetime.

Winnipeg - Jon Ryan

dood!! Beginning of the thread. moon is off limits cause it's a no brainer