Best player ever from each sport...

basketball-Do i even need to put it?? Michael jordan
hockey-The great one, wayne gretzky.
baseball-hammerin' hank aaron.

football- now this is hard, and i dont wanna make any canadians mad, so i am gonna leave it to you guys to fill out. so, who do you all think was or is the best football player ever??

baseball-tough one, Babe Ruth, dominated hitting and pitching
football-It's hard because of each different type of position, but NFL-Joe Montana, he just plain won (second to Barry Sanders), CFL-Doug Flutie.

I was thinking the samething roughyfan, hard to pick in football, Joe did come to mind first..
Gretz, posted alot of stats in a expansion era, Blinky n Orr played in a diiferent era, who knows.?
Jorden for sure in BB...
CFL...Moon...Flutie... which order...?

For football Id say Moon no one else has been able to pass for 70 000 yards in heir career and with allen likley to retire within a couple of years iin all likelihood itll be a long time before anyone else comes close to his numbers

Can't disagree with you soonerfan but hockey, well, I think I'll take Orr even though his career was cut short with knee injuriesl. But I don't have a problem with Gretz either.
NFL = Walter Peyton, loved this guy
CFL = Doug Flutie - his middle name should be CFL, the game is just that suited for his talents.

NFL: Jim Brown or Dan Marino
CFL: Matt Dunigan

Baketball: Jordan
Hockey: Bobby Hull
baseball: bugger that
Soccer: Pele
Golf: Paul Hogan

Hockey: Gretzky ... there is absolutely NO QUESTION about this ..
Baseball: Zzzzz ...
Basketball: Zzzzz ...
Football: Warren Moon

Holds so many records in both the CFL and the NFL ... how can anyone argue or deny this ... Warren Moon - is the best football player we've seen.


Oh yea .. and I forgot ..

Wrestling: Hulk Hogan ... but my favorite currently is still Kurt Angle.


there was so many great players,Gretz&Howe,football is a little tougherbut Montana,Payton,Moon.Other sports are not that important but MJ hands down

Warren Moon...He's already in the Hall of Fame for his CFL career, and he's being inducted for his NFL career this year. I don't think anyone else has dominated both leagues so completely.

Basketball: Michael Jordan
Hockey: Wayne Gretzky
Baseball: Mickey Mantle
Football: Emmit Smith (and Warren Moon in 2nd)
Golf: Tiger Woods
Tennis: Andre Agassi
Ski: Alberto Tomba
Wrestling: Shawn Michaels (C'mon Statik... Hulk knows only two moves)
Boxing: Muhammad Ali
Cyclism: Greg LeMond

Emmitt Smith? I know he holds the NFL record but I think I could have ran for half the yards he did behind his offensive line and the moose Darryl Johnson. I would say Barry Sanders, Walter Payton (the player who got me interested in football at the age of 4), and Jim Brown are all better than him.

Your other picks are good except I may have gone with Bret Hart.

I hesitated between Hart and Micheals. Brett is a better technician, but Michaels is pure agility. I went for the most spectacular. The ladder matches were bouts for the ages.

While I will agree Hogan definately is lacking in the skills department … Especially compared to two solid in-ring performers like Michaels, and Hart …

The spectacle and popularity, that is ‘Hulk Hogan’ can probobly be attributed to Vince McMahon and his marketing genius. However - very few performers can draw that much, anywhere in the world, with so little in-ring talent …

Just my opinion of course … If its a skills and entertainment rating - i’d be forced to go with my second pick … Kurt Angle.

And as a sideshow kinda guy … lately - I’m totally down with Carlitto …


Hockey: my heart says Orr, but my head says Wayne, the Rockets in there too as is Mario.
Basketball: Jordan or Wilt the Stilt (what was it 110 pts in one game)
Baseball: Reggie Jackson, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds
Football: Montana, Bradshaw, Brady
Golf: Tiger, Jack, Hogan

Lets not forget my personal favorite in Tennis: Jimmy Conners.

109 Open era titles: Rank...1
1222 open era match wins: Rank....1
Grand slam singles titles leader's: Tied for 6th

wait, how could people be forgetting jerry rice?? he was the shiznit.

and wilt scored 100, not 110. but it is still very VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY impressive.

Basketball Jordan
Baseball Ruth
Football Unitas
Hockey Orr
Boxing Hagler or Monzon

Hockey: Gretzky. Maybe Mario second or possibly Orr.
Basketball: MJ
Baseball: Probably Babe Ruth or Hank Arron, not too sure about baseball.
NFL: Hard to rate b/c each position is so different. For QB's there are many debatable choices. Montana, Elway, Marino, Unitas...maybe even Favre, Young....most of these could work, probably Montana if I had to pick one though. For other positions, I'll just say reciever... Jerry Rice hands down.
CFL: QB-Moon (was dominant in both CFL and NFL) or Flutie who just had a great CFL career. I'll use receiver again, maybe Pitts...or Stegall.

Keep in mind guys I'm sorta a youngin' and even though I am familiar with many other players before these times, its hard to judge if I haven't seen much of them.

Rice was easily the best receiver of all time but he needed guys like Montana and Young to make him complete. I guess you can turn that around and say the same thing about Montana and Young. That is why with all the positions in football it is hard to pick a greatest player.