Me and my friend are flying in from Vancouver for the game on Saturday where is the best place to party after the game??

We like Hip Hop/Top 40 music

Where will all the hot football players be?? :wink:

Please let us know we need somewhere good to go that night

McMahon Stadium! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'll let the Calgary Posters give you the correct information! :wink:

Go to the red mile!

Well I will be at the stadium for the game... I was talking about after the game

Where is the party at afterwards??

If you are looking for nightclubs, the Whiskey and Tantra on 10'th Avenue SW near downtown play the kind of music you are looking for. Best you do an internet search on bars/nightclubs in Calgary since I'm not much of a club goer anymore. The Red Mile (17'th Avenue SW between 4'th and 14''th Street) also has a mix of pubs, bars and nightclubs all along that strip. There is a bar near the stadium called Moose McGuires (a few blocks west of the stadium) which I've seen some players go to after the game sometimes, but not often. It's a pretty good place to "warm up" prior to the game though!