Best place for roster info?

Where can I get info on who is injured and for how long? Like what is up with Payton, Cheetwood, Charboneau…are they hurt? are they just benched?

[url=] ... t=ros_last[/url]

umm gee thanks for nothing...once again this page DOES NOT tell you the extent of the injury...or if someone is injured or just benched...

Your welcome…for nothing!

It is one thing to have a heated (but respectful) debate with someone who disagrees with you. It is quite another thing to be rude to someone who is just trying to help you…

I hope that this information will help you, and there is no need to thank me… You can read Herb Zurkowsky’s blog here:

[url=] ... fault.aspx[/url]

I am not saying Herb is always right, but he does at least spend a lot of time around the Als (the same cannot be said of other journalists) so he often has useful information. His opinions, well, that is for you to judge.

I would think that some of the injured Als are legit. But they have had a history of large injured :wink: lists. Don't know how they going to work this under the salary cap.
When Jim Popp signed all those players last November there must have been a lot of up front money handed out and quite a few guys must be playing for 50,000 officially.
Not illegal just using the loop hole the CFL created.