Best part of yesterday's game...

...was early when the green clad crowd filling the S.E. corner of the stadium started chanting 'Henry, Henry, Henry..." and Burris promptly chucks a 80 yard bomb to Rambo for the major.....didn't hear that chant for the rest of the day....

Yes "silence is golden" They shut them up pretty dam quick. I would personally like to thank them for coming out and leaving their money here.

Oh you guys are read far too much into this! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Those were Henry Burris fans. Burris just gave them what they wanted to see, what they paid their money for. :wink: :wink:

There seemed to be a green migration out of the stadium by the end of the third quarter that was nice to see. Yes sporty Henry gave them what they have asked for a good performance on an important game.

Looking forward to Henry's performance in the playoffs.

...nicely played, I can't tell if that is a shot or not :lol: ......

LOL ya its getting to the point Henry thinks they are his own personal cheering section. He loves it!

See here is one of those Henry fans now! Come on thats hear another chorus of Henry Henry Henry LOL. Thanks for coming out the local economy loves it!

I wasn't at the Thanksgiving game on Monday, nor am I one of those "Henry vocalists". I haven't been to Calgary since August, 2005, and I don't plan on coming anytime soon, even if the Riders and Stamps meet in the playoffs.

Come on you do not have to be shy you can shout out your love for Henry!

Re: Best part of yesterday's game...
by redwhite2005 on Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:11 pm

Come on you do not have to be shy you can shout out your love for Henry!

I love Burris as much as I love you Redwhite2005 :slight_smile:

LOL you love me that much hey! I wil send you my full length poster to match the one you have of Hanks. You can post that over your bed as well. LOl

I'll put the poster next to my "I'm with Stupid" poster, with the arrow pointing at you LOL!

Wow your hard on yourself you have poster of yourself stating your stupid?