Best Part of Broadcast

The shots of the Arblows in the bar as their season went out the door

EF YEAH!!!!!

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:


Yeah all 6 of them LMFAO!!!! how where those chicken wings boys ????? I hope ya choked on them :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Better yet, the empty table with a couple minutes left. :smiley:

Unfortunately they escaped before we could see the looks on their faces as the ship sunk for sure although we got some good looks at their expressions before they left and jumped ship. Maybe they wanted to get a head start on cleaning out their lockers?? :smiley: :wink:

IMO if the Blew team needed the out come of this game to be a Ticats loss in order to make it into the playoffs they did't deserve to be there. The Ticats worked hard and wrote their own ticket to FIRST PLACE!! :rockin:

Why do you guys have to rub in our faces so much?

not my style either, but wouldn't you??

Argo T, it's because every red blooded TiCat fans hates the Argo's. We don't hate their fans ..... :roll: we just hate their team. (We'd love for your to abandon the sinking Argoship, and come aboard the Tigertrain :wink: )
Hell, I'd share a beer with you & have some good chat but I'd still tell you the Argo's suck.....and also the Leafs suck, but I digress.


Good luck in the playoffs, I think you guys will make it to Vancouver.
On top of which, you have our best QB from last year and that's a darn shame.
As for the beer, I will call you up on that.

There is one way to avoid "listening" to the Ticats fans knock your team - stay off the Ticats board! :wink:

I'm not a Hamiltonian - in fact I spent my early years in TO eons ago - but once you live in Hamilton - even for a short time as I did many years ago, it is hard NOT to be a Ticats fan and with that comes a strong dislike (true natives would call it hatred) of the Toronto team.

Thanks for the good wishes. You had your shot a couple of years ago after your "best QB", a 3rd or 4th stringer at the time and now OUR starter knocked us out of the playoffs. Rather fitting that he helped us to get back into those playoffs today with his strong play. :smiley: Along with that came knocking your Blew team out and we are not going to apologize for being happy about our current position.

Argos $uck!

simple solution champ. Don't come lurk the ticats board after a conference clinching win. wtf do you expect?

stick to the Argo's forum or CFl forum if you don't want your feelings hurt

Thanks, but I'm not sure if I'd rank Collaros ahead of Ray yet. Collaros still does make some bad decisions, although I expect him to get better as he gains more experience. A lot of people questioned the decision to cut Burris and bring in Collaros, but it's looking like that was the right move, especially in the long run.

And hopefully the team that you support will soon be playing at BMO Field.

Thanks, we need something.
Now that your future is secure with the wonderful stadium and the continuous great ownership of Mr. Young, we have to straighten out our mess.
As without both teams being stable, I am afraid the strong feelings between the fans will be lacking big time.

So bush league. Some small pub with a pool table on camera. Can you say Toronto Sports Network?

Agree with Crash. I thought the feed from the Toronto bar was terrible TV. There were only a few people there.

Best part of the broadcast...when it ended! I did not have to listen to how effn great Johnny Crompton was and watch a few Argo players in a bar watching the game. Last but not least not listen to that pathetic Rod Black anymore.

Well for me at least, it's because Toronto consistently screws Hamilton over. We want and NHL team and the market can support it, but the Leafs won't let it happen. We want a fair share of tax dollars towards our infrastructure, but instead it goes to Toronto because that's where the most voters are. We want safe, clean streets but Toronto literally used to bus it's poor down to our city. We want big bands, music, shows and our various national teams coming to our town on the occasion, but instead Toronto scoops them all up.

Most of all, we want the CFL to stay healthy, where most of Toronto wants it to die because of bizarro logic that killing one of the big NCAA/NFL partner leagues, is somehow putting them ahead in getting a franchise in a sport the city barely even cares about.

It's not about the Argo fans, or indeed even the Argos themselves. It's about the cultures of the city and the fact the Ontario government and the media caters far too much to Toronto over everyone else, and hating on the Argos is Hamilton's only major outlet that lets us fans communicate that.

Not rubbing it in but it looks like the Argos will N OT be back next year.
They are trying to negotiate a lease for BMO and from what I have heard it’s not going to happen and Braley will walk away this winter.
Sorry Argo fans but that’s it - come back when you find enough CFL fans in Toronto

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You guys are kidding right. Did they really video tape Argos fans at a bar? though not quite as rare as the illusive Yeti but atleast we have them on tape before they go extinct.

Jokes.aside. That is sad i could see if that was Sasky fans that would entertaining. But watching 2-3 fans crying in their beer is pathetic for tsn to do.