Best Offseason Signing - Greg Marshall

Greg has done an outstanding job with this defense. I know there's quite a few personnel changes, so it's not just the coach but, the difference between the '08 and '09 defense is astounding. They play as a team and play to their strengths. They give up a lot of yards, but usually on short plays. They don't allow a lot of big plays and they don't allow a lot of points. Those are the most important things I think.

In order to beat this defense you are going to have to put together drives and you better be able to do it all day long. That's a tough challenge. As we've seen, most offenses run out of gas in the second half against this D :rockin: . I think that is their defensive strategy - give up the easy stuff but make the offense be consistent enough to do it for four quarters. It's almost like they're being conservative, saving their energy to go for the kill at the opportune time. They seem to be able to come up with the big play just when it's needed.

The difference in attitude on that D is glaring this year compared to last year. These guys have swagger and immense confidence right now. Hats off to Coach Marshall for bringing this group together into a formidable force!

It's about time you guys got a co-ordinator who knew his stuff.

Funny thing about our D that I can't wrap my head around yet. Are they really good or really lucky? Every game I think they are getting and are going to get killed, but every game they seem to make the big plays, get the interception or fumble at key times. I'm still not convinced they're not damn lucky. Sask game should settle it one way or another. :?

What they're doing is making good adjustments, which they hadn't in the past.

The D has only allowed 14 points in the 4th quarter in 6 games, it must be something more then luck.

[quote= The D has only allowed 14 points in the 4th quarter in 6 games, it must be something more then luck.
That's right. If they held teams to few or no fourth quarter points for just one or two games, then luck could have been a factor. But 6 games? That's consistancy.
Let's keep it going.

What scares me is that I see teams putting up 300+ yards of offense against us.

Half time adjustments have been bang on so far. I hope that we can keep it up.

3 points allowed in the last 2 second halfs combined means good adjustments!

They can put up as many yards as they want as long as we score more points than they do. :smiley:

Marshall is awesome. Thanks Wpg.

I'm not that familiar like some people here are with exactly the nature of the practices but I'm wondering if conditioning might have some part also why the d is great in the 4th quarter as well, not as tired perhaps.

You have to be lucky to be good and good to be lucky.
The Cats are getting the breaks this year.
That interception with the lateral last game would have been a disaster the last few years. The Cats are coming up big when it counts. That along with a number of other plays and calls in Hamilton's favour have been the difference.

Marshall has been solid.
But I'd say D'andra Cobb & Otis Floyd were our best offseason signings.

really? a guy that has played 2 and 1/2 games? I like otis but you have to put Jamal Jonhson ahead of him, played in 5 games and is second in the league in tackles.

Greg Marshall has been a good to great DC everywhere hes been, but lets face it, any good coach needs good players to make his system flourish. Marshall has some great supporting cast members in Knowlton, Tisdale, Johnson, Floyd (when he returns), McIntyre, Bolden, Kirk, who'd I forget ?, I mean theres so many excellent football players on our defense.

Other great off season signings are Cobb obviously, and maybe not so obvious are Kevin Glenn, QB coach Khari Jones, who seems to have a positive effect on Porter, RB coach Travis Moore has to be making a difference as well. What I see is a first class operation from top to bottom starting with "the Caretaker", to Bob "Obi Won" O'Billovich, to Marcel B. (whose becoming a better HC every week), OC Gibson who is also a great Oline coach, Marshall, Jones, Moore and our receiver coach, whose name escapes me, They're all solid football guys and it shows. We don't panic, we adjust. We may get behind, but we never get down. Its just fun to watch this team this year and win or lose, they're representing this city like nobody has since McManus and Montford.

I joined the forum right after we got Arland Bruce in the trade with T.O. which "Obi Won", which is the same thing I said after we got Goodspeed in a trade that "Obi Won", and a veteran QB backup thru a trade that we didn't make, but a move where "Obi Won", , thru the sweepstakes for Gauthier, which "Obi Won". I guest you can tell I'm a big O"Billovich fan, eh ?, because "Obi Won" and now after games I can say "Ticats WON !!!". Boy does that feel good.

Darrell Adams(when he returns)

I think Marshall’s work as defensive coordinator has been terrific this season, and certainly light years better than anything seen in Hamilton since the days of Don Sutherin.

That said, allow me to posit one caveat.

Seems to me that Marshall’s only drawback in his career has been to wear out his welcome over time. He was the defensive coordinator in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Winnipeg. . . and in early seasons in each of those stops his defences were good to excellent; but it seems that as time went on they became less and less effective. Were players tuning him out for some reason? I do not have the answer.

i don't think Greg Marshall will be here for that long. I actually wouldn't be surprised if he was gone after this season for a head coaching job.

if we play defence like we are now, for the rest of the season, i would be surprised if teams weren't inquiring about him for HC interviews.

and although he is under contract. i think you would allow him to speak with other teams because you're not going to deny the guy a HC opportunity.

just my opinion.

You are correct, even if under contract as a coordinator, teams usually allow them to be interviewed if it's a potential move up to head coach. But Marshall has been, in the past, interviewed for several head coaching positions, and always passed over for someone else. . . makes me think he must give lousy interviews or something.

yea good point.

8) Greg Marshall has already been interviewed by several CFL teams over the last few years regarding their Head Coaching vacancy at those various times, and he has been turned down each time that he applied.
  The main reason he left Winnipeg this off season was because he didn't get the HC job there  !!

    The Bombers went with Mike Kelly instead  !!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    Look how long it took Richie Hall to finally get a HC position, after 8 years as DC for Regina.

    I don't think you will see Marshall leaving Hamilton any time soon !!

    Hall was also turned down by several teams over the years  !!