Best officiated game of the year

The refs for the most part were invisible and called a good, fair game and did not influence the outcome of the game. Nice to see.

Agree. Bradbury is definitely one of the better officials in the league.

I agree as well.
Along with the fact that idiot Ireland was not in the Command Center
last night.
But here is the kicker..
Why has Glen Johnson NOT already fired Ireland the idiot ?
I hope the new Commissioner steps in and does something, since
Johnson doesn't have the balls too.
That biased 'freak' should have been gone years ago...period.

they did miss a blatant face mask on Tasker that nearly ripped his head off. The holding blocking from the rear we have learned to live with. I notice it more when it is done TO the Cats and not so much when done BY the Cats.

Big on homer genes.

Buzz Lightyear and crew called a fairly tight game for "once". The horse caller penalty was crap. The true definition means the defender must change the direction of the other player. That didn't happen. You have to think Glen Johnson has theses refs on pins and needles and so it should be that way. That's what they are paid to do, call the game correctly.

The thought actually crossed my mind, during the game, that the Cats were maybe getting a little "special treatment" this week, in recognition of the admitted mistake on the reviewed call against them last week. But, I see the totals were 10 flags on Hamilton for 67 yds., while the Bombers lost only 46 yds. on a half-dozen penalties. If there was a call I'd question it was the horse collar on Simoni in the 3rd quarter.

So Vallesi, who gifted the Arblows their undeserved win against us last week, gets to ref the Arblows this game to! :o :o

Mike Hogan?

1m1 minute ago
Tom Vallesi will officiate today's #Argos vs #Riders game. #CFL

Hate to say it, but we need to cheer for the blue guys, since Sask/EDM/BC are all bigger threats to us now via the crossover. If somehow two of those three western teams collapse, it opens up another potential playoff spot in the East.

(And I actually don't want BC to collapse tonight against OTT)

Anyone have any views on whether the first Nichols fumble last night (the one we recovered) was more of a fumble than the Masoli play on Labour Day that they ruled an incompletion?

I thought they were both borderline, leaning towards fumbles.

In my humble and completely biased opinion, the ball was out of Nichols hand before there was forward motion

Absolutely! Otherwise, his fingers would not have collided with Kanneh's hand, which was coming forward in a downward swipe. Also, Nicholl's hand is well behind and below his head. A definite fumble, upheld by the (infallible) Command Centre.

I agree that Nichols fumbled. Just wondering if Masoli's "incompletion" on Labour Day was materially different. You know, since the refs are against us always.

That's what I thought too. Can't quite remember the circumstances of Masoli's "almost fumble" but I do think the arm has already gone into forward motion before the ball was knocked out.

I concur that the game was well officiated and the refs didn't get flag happy. The proof? - NO comments on the horrible refs on any forum comment! :wink:
No doubt some calls were missed - generally happens and one that I thought should have been called was on Tasker or maybe Fantuz when the defender tugged down on the back of the jersey (ball had been caught). Given the ticky tack nature of the horse collar penalty on Simoni (technically because his put hand on the name plate it was legit according to Suitor I believe) I thought that should have been called too although the hand probably was place lower. The fact that there were NO challenge flags tossed by either coach is a good indicator of officiating that is fair and consistent

This is copied from an "Ask the Ref" feature, with Tom Higgins, some time ago on

Q.We often see players urging the officials to call a “horse collar tackle? when a player is tackled from behind. To a fan, it looks like sometimes it’s called and sometimes it’s not. What exactly constitutes a horse collar tackle?
A.Tackling an opponent by grabbing the inside collar of the side or back of the shoulder pads, or grabbing him high on the jersey and pulling down and back. Sometimes, fans or players call for a flag when a defender pulls a player down by placing his hand on top of his shoulder pad, which isn’t against the rules.

Cats game may have been well officiated but this sure didn't help us...

Is there really such a thing in this league??

Doesn’t the Head official have the ability to ask for a review? I believe he does to confirm the spot. If he doesn’t, maybe he should?

It ain't the CFL but referee error in a Panama-Costa Rica soccer match just knocked the U.S. out of the World Cup. There was a ball that everyone but 1 person knew did NOT go into the net for Panama. Unfortunately that single person was the Ref.

It's like our own season. We SHOULD have won the Argo game but at the same time it's pretty clear that the command centre call killed us. Responsibility goes both ways.

This last game was MUCH better. I remember my wife and I remarking on that.

What does this replay show me?
Three things
Ref is blind
Goalie is horrible
White team should have been called for a foul resulting in a penalty kick if that was ruled no goal.