:rockin: Rank the best to worst offensive-coordinators in the league!
  1. Tommy Condel
  2. Steven Burrato
  3. Jaques Chapdelein
  4. Adam Rita
  5. Kent Austin
  6. Doug Berry
  7. Toni Calvillo

Worst, Poapao & Danny Machoocha

  1. Jacques Chapdelaine
  2. Steve Burrato
  3. Kevin Strasser
  4. Tommy Condell
  5. Mike Gibson
  6. Sugarplum Fairy
  7. Kent Austin
  8. Joe Paopao

I gotta go with Steve Burrato simply because the guy won a Grey Cup with Baltimore,the Lions,& worked with Vince Lombardi and is doin a pretty good job out in cowtown

1.Steve Burrato
2.Jacques Chapdelaine
3.Tommy Condell

Far too generous with Chapdelaine. I have issues with him at times, although this year is better. I'd put Burrato at #1 Condell at #2 Chapdelaine at #3

With the scoring down, and defence getting the upper hand most games, none of them.