Best Offence

Same calculation as defence except there are 35 categories instead of 25

Somehow, I am not surprised to see BC in first.

yea, it seems right to me..good job ro on the offence and defence the this? An official CFL spreadsheet? What do your colunms represent...etc?

Yes it is!
Nice huh?

As previously stated!!
figure it out for yourself

And just to point out again(like someone said in the best defence thread), that you must remember that not all teams have played the same # of games.


The preceeding post is right. Montreal has only scored 15 less points than BC, but have a game in hand.

Montreal's defence has scored some of those points, but despite all the criticism, Montreal's offense, altough poor in yardage, has put up a lot of points of the board (especially in the second half of games). :cowboy:

I'm just looking forward to see that lame duck offense start clicking. Gee, what would that look like... :rockin:

Part of scoring high point on low yardage is because of a good defence. If you are always starting inside the opponents territory you will not have gained as many yards!

Again I am not claiming this to be the bible. Just something to discuss

If it makes the Als look good, it has to be true! :wink:

good job Ro, but, labels ... labels .... LABELS!!!

Glad that WPG in 3nd!

What labels labels labels?

never mind, you posted them on a link in the D thread.