Best Offence!

I posted these calculations last year and I figured it was time to do it again.

There are 35 offensive catagories. The chart showes each team and in how many of those catagories they are leading then second then third.......
Montreal is in first in 8 catagories, 2nd in 5, 3rd in 2 etc etc.
I awarded 8 points for each first place finish..7 for each 2nd all the way to 1 point for each last place!

The bottom table shows the total points for wach team

Interesting table. But what are the different categories?

Way to complicated to put in the table

Here is the full list

one should note however, that they don't include this week

Thanks Ro, I wanted to calculate this table last week but did not have the time!

Seems right to me. Yet more proof for Winnipeg!
As if there were any doubt after they put up 500 yards of offence against the best defence in the league.

And for the poster that said it does not include this week, no it doesn't but that would only increase Winnipeg's standings.

This thread is going nowhere in a hurry.
Rehashing some silly attendance dispute from weeks(months?) ago seems a touch ...odd?

Regardless, your formula seems to work reasonably well for offence, ro.
It ranks Montreal a tough higher than I think they are, but generally, I think it's close.

I don't think your chart on the defence has worked quite as well, however.

To rank BC's defence near the bottom is just laughable.

Its calculated the same way but I think in defence there are a few more Meaningless catagories

Actually , all of this is just another stat. The stats that really count are W's and L's.

I don’t post very often but I’ve been around here a while and I’ve never seen someone so unpopular with the majority of posters as RLR is. Even Lions fans can’t seem to stand him. I think it really shows talent and dedication on his part and for that…I would like to thank him.

Id say right now its between three teams.

In no particular order
1.Calgary....hitting on all cylinders
2.Saskatchewan..Joseph looks like the real deal, can beat you running or throwing. far Glenns made a lot of good decisions, Armstead's really going to help Stegal.

Calgary can have a dangerous offence... when everyone is clicking, especially Burris. Maybe with the rotation crap over we won't be seeing Jekyll and Hyde anymore...

Interesting, never seen a thread unlocked before...I would say though that these rankings are more accurate than the defensive one.

Cleaned first, then unlocked.....:lol:

...fixed it for ya Fooks....

I found it funny as well, because it's true.

What is true?
That is laughable or that they are on the bottom?

Anyone who thinks the Lions D is near the bottom is either a hater or just an decide. Lets make more stuff up :smiley:

That they are on the bottom.

Except the chart shows them in the middle!