best of/ worst of

everyone is talking about their new found talent so i am curious how the new rankings go.
best of
oline:mont just ahead of sask then wpg(good but not that good)
qb bc but injury potential makes that tough
rb wpg
receivers bc
dline wpg
lb cgy
secondary not sure about this one.
special teams hamilton

worst of
oline bc
qb sask (i am sure i will hear about this)
rb sask (and this)
receivers ham
dline tor?
lb ham maybe wpg should still be here
secondary ham
st bc

i am sure everyone will disagree but i am curious to see how this list changes. what do you think?

Oline tie Montreal & Saskatchewan
QB Montreal
Rb Winnipeg
Receivers BC
Dline Sask
LB Cal
Secondary Sask (second least passing yards against and second least completion % against)
Special Teams Toronto

worst of
Oline BC
qb Tie Winn & Sask (BC if Dickenson, one of the best in the game, gets hurt )
rb not sure, Keith had 6.0 avg last year so Sask isn't the worst, maybe Warren (mostly because of that o-line).
receivers Hamilton
Dline tie Toronto and Montreal
Secondary Winnipeg (until they prove otherwise)
ST Sask (don't have a proven kicker)

QB- Montreal
Oline- after today's disperasle draft, winnipeg
RB- winnipeg
recievers- BC
D-line- Winnipeg
LB- Calgary
DB- not to sure about this
ST- toronto

QB- hamilton(but very close compitition)
oline- BC
RB- Sask
WR- hamilton
dline- calgary i guess
LB-hamilton(would of been winnipeg unitl simpson signed)
ST- sask, no kicker or returner

okay i will concede calvillo is the number 1 qb and to has the best special teams. i somehow missed those but completely agree.



QB- Edmonton
Oline- Sask/Wiin.
RB- winnipeg
recievers- EDM
D-line- Edm/Cal
LB- Calgary
DB- Mon
ST- toronto/Mon

QB- Win./Sask
oline- BC
RB- Sask
WR- Win/Sask
dline- Tor
ST- sask

edm for best qb??? not based on last year. i do think he is better than he looked last year but ray was less than stellar. and saying wpg receivers are worse than ham is a huge stretch.