Best-of-three Grey Cup series!

I'd like to see the postseason extended.

Have the higher seeded team host games 1 and 3 (if game 3 is necessary), while the lower seed hosts game 2.

Or have the lower seeded team host game 1, while the higher seed host games 2 and 3.

How games is in the CFL schedule and/or playoffs?

It is 4 quarters of 15 minutes, too?

There is the rub!!

Decrease the regular season to 16 games to accommodate a best-of-three Grey Cup series.

It would be hard to sell tickets far in advance to multiple games ... especially when the third is not guaranteed ... and it would kill "Grey Cup Week" as a special event.

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No for a Grey Cup but maybe and I mean maybe a best of three if you just have four teams in the playoffs .

Two semis with a best of three playoff for the right to the Grey Cup .

I would be game for any new playoff series if this moves the needle in interest .

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You have already told that countless times. Just stop.


And was wondering where and when the insanity would rear it's ugliness yet again

I was in favor of 3 divisions sending their division champions plus a wildcard team making the playoffs, with the semis being a best-of-three series. The Grey Cup would be a one game series.

Each division winner would be presented 1/3 of a maple leaf image trophy. The Ontario division winner would get the right side of a maple leaf, the prairie division would get the middle part of a maple leaf, and the mountain division winner would get the left side of a maple leaf trophy. The wildcard team doesn't get squat.

As soon as a team wins their division in the regular season, a formal trophy presentation would occur at the end of the game.

After this setup is in place for at least five years, then a second wildcard team can be introduced bringing the number of teams in the playoffs to five.

A one game wildcard playoff, then two best-of-three semifinal series, followed by a single game Grey Cup. The postseason would be five weeks long. The potential would exist for either 1,2, or no games being played in week 4 of the playoffs. I'm cool with that.

Five years after that, a third wildcard team can be introduced with two one-game series games being played in the first round with the two winners moving into the best-of-three semifinals that feed into the Grey Cup.

That's how it should be done in my opinion to make this league flourish.

Additionally, there would be a game played 4 hours before the Grey Cup (in the same stadium) between the 8th and 9th ranked teams with the winner getting the first round pick in EACH round. It would be the Toilet Bowl game but it would be called something else. Name the game after some famous CFL person. Perhaps call it the George Brancato Bowl since his Rough Riders made it to the Grey Cup with a 5-11 regular season record.

a few points to consider

  1. Best of three will never ever happen...end of story right there.
  2. Consider the original poster... a history of insane ideas...that should stop this shite right now.
  3. As I think nobody can actually be this stupid to start a post like this other than to sit back and watch the turmoil...the original poster is somewhat of a troll with a strange sense of humor.

If you're looking to kill the CFL as quickly as possible this idea would get the job done

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Great idea to have the less important Finals decided over two games and the most important game be a one off. Spock told me this was logical.

I’m also wondering if each team receiving a third of the maple leaf trophy would receive one of those maple leaf cookies I love so much.


What a plan... send it in...I see no reason why it can't be done ... Cookies ....mmmm

Other "never ever happen" events:

  1. Teams in the United States experiment
  2. The ball moved back to the 25 yard line for an extra point kick
  3. Crossover procedure instituted for the playoffs which allows for the mathematical possibility of a 4th place west team to make it to the Grey Cup as the east rep
  4. Toronto's lengthy Ontario schedule with back to back games against Hamilton, etc. to save money
  5. Regular season games being played in other cities rather than the home based cities of its nine teams
  6. Overtime procedure that resembles the NCAA format
  7. A playoff procedure for the east that takes only the top two finishers who play each other twice with the combined score being used to determine who goes to the Grey Cup, while the west has a four team tournament to determine who goes to the Grey Cup as the west rep
  8. TV reviews of the action to overturn referee calls

Need I go on? Points 3 and 7 were used and they were the absolute worst decisions. Thankfully point 7 was discontinued.

Also take a look at the Eastern division and Western division trophies. If you place them together they form a single maple leaf.

What's wrong with that same trophy set carved up in three sections rather than two?

18 games .... determine who the east and west division seeding/participants for the playoffs
2-3 games ... determine two out of four Grey Cup teams
1 game...determines the Grey Cup champion

Notice the gradual decline in games....18, 2-3, and then 1. Nothing inconsistent here. Even Spock agrees.

I forgot one.

  1. Changing the penalty flags to yellow from orange

The CFL before did have two game semis etc .... total points .

East and west for years .

Then won the right to the Grey Cup .

Not sure if the west had a best of three I am too lazy to research but they played a lot of games in a short stretch during the playoffs back then .

The greatest playoffs are on Youtube the Cats /Argos total point series was the best I have have ever seen .

There is others .

I find four games in a row this year for the Cats and Argos strange .

I have never seen that at any level tyke , peewee .... junior , college or pro .

I hope it works and if it doesn't time to move to a more diverse schedule with more opponents spread out .


Thanks it answered a lot of questions .

The west playoffs were an iron man contest with best of three and two game total point series .

Wow that was extremely tough football in the west .

That last east two game series was amazing .

Another one...
10) end zones reduced from 25 yards to 20 yards

That being said, the best-of-three format and my other format ideas need to be adopted immediately.