best of the sideliners

i am just curious as to who we think is the best at their non player roles in the league

head coach
offensive coord
defensive coord
water boy
hotdog vendor etc.

.........pretty open field........I think you'll find for the most part homers are going to pcik reps from their own team..........

Don't bank on that.....can't see a tonne of people picking Shiv as their fave GM.....

I always liked the Bomber Buzzards when they used to make road trips to BC Place.

...........those were the cheerleaders right?........

Owner-Bob Young-really turned that franchise around and has the community excited about the team
gm-Hugh Campbell, I hate saying that but he has been instrumental in keeping this franchise competitive each year and in the play-offs.
head coach-Tom Higgins or Micheal Clemons. Both are first-rate guys that have their teams in the hunt year after year.
cheerleaders-Edmonton's female cheerleaders, Red&white says they are quite 'bendy'.

Hot Dog Vendors.....Only being able to compare Calgary BC, And Edmonton....

Calgary Hands down....The smell of those onions waffing through the stadium....That was three years ago but the memory is imprinted in me forever!

bob young
are my first three none for my team

......extremely bendy, and are taking full benefit of hormone enhanced beef products........

...are you sure that was the smell of onions....seems to me 3 years ago something was smelling in cowtown....but it wasn't onions...okay okay low blow...they have turned things around... :lol:, it was onions, being hurled with great force at federik's private box.......

Hey Papa, I have to stick up for my Calgary posters. I was fortunate enough to make a road trip to Calgary three years ago. There is one parking lot that must have had around 30 trucks and campers and the amount of Bar-B-Ques going was unreal. I've never seen a sight like that. Walking through to the concessions, the food was just awesome. (So was the game too!)

...I hope there was some direct hits...seems to me that was the beginning of the 'turnaround'...when that federik gang should have really saddled federik up on the horse with a carefully placed burr under the saddle....nope...that would have been too cruel ...for the horse.. :wink:

hmmmmm bar-b-cue.....sounds great if there was a little something to wash it down....dang it ...c'mon 06 season...the tailgaters await.. :wink:

as for the coordinators i have to say i am a fan of cgy's. both burrato and creehan are at or near the top of my list. stubler from to as well. hopefully after this year i will be a huge greg marshall fan but am not totally sold at putting him on top just yet.

...fear not blackdale...fear not...Marshall is a good one...he'll bring respectability back to the Big Blue.. :wink:

good does not equal the top though. i am confident that we will be much stronger this year due to coaching changes but i am not sold that we have the best in the league.
last year we may have had the worst though. most likely i guess.