Best Of Luck!

To all you Bomber fans, I just want to wish you luck. This is going to be a tough game right to the end. Even though you don't have Glenn, that does not mean the Riders win. We have very little footage on RD. He could have the game of his life and we may not be fully prepared for him! You have an amazing defense along with a scary recievers. I can't wait for this one. It will be a lot of fun and hopefully the Green pull it off :twisted:

However the one great thing about this game. If the Riders don't win, then Stegall will get his ring and I couldn't be happier to see him as well as Roberts, Glenn, Armstrong get it if the Riders don't win it.

Good luck guys!
Here is to a Grey Cup for the ages! Cheers!

Sorry young man, I know your confidence is up with Glenn out;

       but with Dinwiddie
       we're gonna win,kiddie
       and i'll be gin giddy.

speed man, well said, it will be a great game and build or team rivalry even stronger. it will bve hard to prepair for dinwiddie having little to no footage of him. And i say the same to you, i want nothing more then my blue and gold to bring it home for the turtle man and the league MOP Kevin Glenn. But if another team in the league I would like to see win other them us is the riders. the reason for that, they are the only other team that actually has a fan basin, and they support their team do or die.

It's just around the corner be honest, I don't even really care who wins anymore - I just want to see a good, competitive, and entertaining game tomorrow night!!

Best of luck to the Bombers, all! Cheer hard!

If Winnipeg doesn't win tomorrow, Saskatchewan is my second choice.

:lol: Good thing, since there are only two teams playing...;)

Gee, pretty smart eh! Maybe I could help Joe with his quotes. I like one of Yogi Berra's quotes. "Nobody ever goes there because it is too busy"

I don't think anyone could help Joe with his

Sorry , i was ammending mine while you were posting.

Yeah...Yogi was another good one for comments...:lol:

Good luck in the game tomorrow.

Guess it's pretty well over but the shouting. Tomorrow it's all business. Best of luck to the our Bombers. It's party time so time to log off and lock the keyboard. How brave one can get with a few drinks. To all the BB posters have a great game and take good care of yourself. See you after the game.

To you great posters who were concerned that I might not get the game in China, I have wonderful news. My wife has shared one of her credit cards with me and one of my sons explained how to use. "All you need," he said, "is the number, expiry date, and name on the card." He gave me all three over the phone. Guess what? The name on the American Express card was my own. My wife had created it because her own were at max. Wives, eh! Go Big Blue.

About fifteen hours ago I submitted a query to the CBC website on your behalf, as due to your locale, to see if 'anything' could be done in order for you to watch it. I haven't heard back, possibly because it already was the week-end, but what a relief it is that you can see it by another means.

Good luck to the Bombers!!!!!
It will be a great game!!!!!

Long live the CFL!!!!

Good Luck to both teams! :rockin:

There are no losers today :smiley:

Big Blew, you're the man! You know, the Chinese are so helpful to us foreigners that sometimes we wonder why Canadians can't be as helpful. But that's not the case on these football boards. Everywhere you scan, somebody is helping somebody. You guys even help the opposing team's posters. Very impressive, and thank you for your assistance and concern.


The CFL should unite us, not divide us. Good Luck to both teams.