Best of Grey Cup 101

So many great moments in this year's Grey Cup. One of the absolute classic moments was the Rider introductions. After X-Man was introduced the Riders coming out of the tunnel as one and stomping on midfield. Individual intros be damned, they were coming out as one - - much to the chagrin of the Commissioner and the CFL. Didn't meter that security and league officials were trying to hold the players back, it's was basically GTFO the way we're coming through.

Darian Durant finally winning a ring. Now he can be considered an elite CFL QB. Seeing him doubled over with emotion cryi g at the end of the game, knowing what he'd just accomplished was what sports is all about.

Getz winning Most Outstanding Canadian and a championship in his hometown. I know how amazing that is and I was really happy to see the oft criticized Getzlaf have his big moment at home.

Speaking of hometown guys, I believe the Riders have more local players than any team in the league. It was really special to see the local players get to celebrate with friends and family out on the field. Once in a lifetime experience.

Craig Butler balling out once again to close out his contract year. Not sure if be realizes the kind of contract he's going to command, but talk about perfect timing. Salary cap about to increase, another team joining the league, and Butler's the most desirable FA available. If I'm Butlers agent I don't listen to anything less than $180/yr until free agency opens.

The Riders after party reception. What an awesome way to cap off a championship year. Gipson and the Board put out a massive spread of food and drink. First class all the way. Great planning to have a table under a spotlight ready for the Grey Cup and some fantastic photo ops.

Big ups to the Rider organization for a mission accomplished.

You forgot Simon getting his first and second touchdown catch ever in a Grey Cup game. He was my early pick for player of the game until Sheets lit it up.
Sheets breaking the Grey Cup rushing record.

Glad you had a good time. Wish I could have made it, it felt different not being there for the first time in 7 years.

Great points, totally forgot to mention them as well. Kinda ironic that in all his years as the go-to receiver Geroy never had a Grey Cup TD and then as the #4 WR option this year he finally gets two. Former Argo Evan McCollough had a horrible day and was completely torched on both of Simon's TDs.

As for Sheets what a statement as to who the best RB in the league is. Who would have expected in the age of the all passing offence (Scott Milanovich take note) that the Grey Cup champions would go for 260+ on the ground.

If anyone but Kent Austin wins coach of the year, the guy who took the club from worst in the league to east division champions then it will be a travesty.

Not saying Chamblin, Huff, Popp or Mila aren't good coaches, but they had a LOT more to work with the Austin, a lot more veterans and all of them were contenders or champions last year.

The voting is done before the playoffs, supposedly anyways. I have a feeling that Hufnagel may win this year. They were the only other team to come close to the number of injuries that the Ticats had, and they finished 14-4 (remember playoffs aren't suppose to factor in the award).