Best O/U Bets for 2016 Season

I found this to be a good read:

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If I was betting my best-bet choices for finishing OVER would be Ottawa, and UNDER Toronto (a close pick over Hamilton).

When I started to bet, it was NFL, but I lost my interest because I did not see any dynamics in this game. That's why I changed my mind and started to bet on hockey. This was the best choice that I had made in my whole life. I made a lot of money watching hockey matches. Now I can make a lot of money due the Spangler championship, because we have the best Spengler cup Canada roster. This is a good opportunity, the stakes are high and the bett are good so there is a chance to make some money

I don't know what prompted this post, three and a half years after I posted a link to a pre-season article, which I, at the time, found interesting.

Nevertheless, looking back now, I'm proud of my o/u picks which all came true.