Best O-line in the league?

Best O-line or is there still some deficiencies? Is Marwan really the best center in the east? He made some really silly mistakes last year, bad snaps, penalties etc. Is he the future or do we trade him? I like the fact that he cares about Hamilton and the community but is he what we need to get a cup? Maybe this will be his breakout year and prove me wrong but all I care about is seeing Hamilton win a cup in 2009 and continue the tradition of winning a cup every decade.

I think our "deficiencies" from last year can be a result of the coaching/scheme the guys on the O-Line had last year. We have coach Gibson now and I trust him to return that fear in opposing defenses when them line up against these guys in the trenches...

So to answer your topic question... Yes!

If we don't have the best it's a very close second.

Who is the Oline coach? Better hope they don’t give those responsabilities to Brad Miller

With the current lineup I would say at least top 3 in the CFL.

Mike Gibson is officially the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Brad Miller is the DB coach.

The 2008 Ticat offensive line was a top three run blocking unit and an eighth place pass blocking unit which allowed 67 quarterback sacks. Adding the starting offensive tackles from a Bomber offensive line that only gave up 29 sacks in 2008 (2nd best in the CFL) should help the 2009 Ticat offensive line to become one of the top three units in the league.

So our OL should look like this then? correct me if I'm wrong.
LG Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, LT Alex Gauthier, C Marwan Hage, RT Dan Goodspeed, RG George Hudson

I think we have AT LEAST the best depth in the O-line...having said that, let's hope Hudson stays healthy this year...I think he is the glue of the line

I think this team is coach well and they Jell
They could break the Record of 7 Sack give up by our 99 Team.
alot that 7 Sack Record was quick Release of Danny Mac.
Can Porter and Glen do they Same

You got to be kidding ! Especialy if Glenn plays. The man is a statue. I'd be happy with 25 sacks, some holes for Keith and 20 interceptions or less.

They Key will be how quick the QB Get Rid of the Ball.
If they get Rid of it quick ..we have a shot..

They are the best on paper. The game as they say...isn't played on paper.

I don't care about sack records (except if they are for the MOST SACKS allowed).

As a previous poster said, just open holes, give our QBs a reasonable amount of time and get us half a yard on third and inches.

I think it's pretty ridiculous to say that this line will have 7 or less sacks given up on the season. While, they will obviously be better than last year. 7 sacks is just insane, that's less than half a sack per game. There is no way we see that.

There's some far-fetched opinions here, oh boy!

CGY is by far the best. Montreal is probably second.

Third is either Hamilton, Toronto, Saskatchewan - all have made encouraging moves, but we won't know who comes out on top until the season starts. Injuries on any one of the teams could change everything. One of these three could even overtake Montreal.

I do agree that Hamilton probably has the best O-Line depth, maybe tied with Saskatchewan.

I think we should be cautiously optimistic about the O-line. Let's face it - the pass blocking was atrocious last year. The run blocking was amazing. The line has presumably been improved, so hopefully that will translate into better pass protection and still maintain the same calibre of run blocking. I think we should hold off on presuming we are the best anything at this point. I'll take the softer choice and say the O-line will be good, that's one thing we can be fairly certain about.

I am not saying it will Happen I'm saying the is a Chance it may.
On Paper this very good O-Line now.
With Good coaching from Our coach
a Quick Release and good Smart Moves by a QB we have a Shot.
Shure it a Long Shot .. but why Not put out there and see if they can do it

Run blocking is nice to have, but in this league it all comes down to pass blocking.

I am curious as to whether or not people think last year's sack tally had anything to do with Bellefeuille. What was Montreal's sack total in 2007 when he was the OC there? And ours last year? How much influence will he have on the offence this year?

Our O-line had seasons where it gave up season sack totals in the low teens ( e.g. 13 sacks in 2001) when Danny Mac was at the controls, let alone the record that the 1999 unit set that Onknight mentioned. Porter has a pretty good release IHMO, but he’s nowhere as quick re decision and release as prime Danny.

I concur with the sentiments of some that a rebound year by Hudson is critical for the line to go to the next level. I would include Gagne-Marcoux in that respect. Hage is a very good center – his shotgun snapping is the area he must work at most – and getting healthy at the guard spots will only help his play.

Having Gauthier and Goodspeed as bookends should really help our pass protection provided some of the empty-backfield/quick flareout schemes that blew up throughout the year are the exception rather than the rule. Kenton Keith is no Troy Davis re pass blocking, but he should be adequate in that area. If we can maintain offensive balance and knock opposing fronts around more, we might actually get to see a formidable play action game in Tigertown for the first time in many moons. Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,