Best O & Best D!

Using the categories: 1) most/fewest points 2) most/fewest 1st downs 3) most/fewest av yards 4)Av yards rushing 5) av yards pass 6) % comp 7) INT's 8) Fumbles 9) Penalties 10) sacks

Giving 3 points for the team at first place in that category, and 1 point for the team in third place

WPG 17 Points
CGY 14
Sask 11
BC 10

Tor 18 points
BC 6
Sask 5

Calgary is making a push for top offence, while Toronto has a stranglehold on first for best defence. Winnipeg is climbing here, as predicted with the improved play after the arrivals of Bolden and Charlton.

What do you guys think? Is there a category that better shows a teams offensive/defensive abilities?
Maybe time of possesion instead of first downs? Should I include the top 4 teams in each category?

Calgary has the O going on right now and I think I would still take BC's defence over anyone, special teams, BC is pretty darn good as well, the best mix of all three, probably Wpg since BC doesn't have DD and Geroy is MIA.

Aside from wins, the most important statistics are most points scored and fewest points allowed. Currently, BC is #1 in both. Yards are insignificant without points.

Amen brother.

This has been argued already.
What if there is an INt for a TD? The team gets 7 points, but the offence did nothing. The other team let in 7 points, but it wasn't the defences fault.

What if a team has a great returner? If a team always has great field position it would take little work to put up points.

The best reflection is not points, but average yards for and against. This gives you a better idea of what offence is moving the ball more, and what defence is stopping the ball.

  1. Include top 4 teams.
  2. Eliminate first downs. (bomb can be a TD but only 1 1st down. similarly a long drive can net five to seven first downs and result in only a field goal.

I can agree that maybe 1st downs is a poor category, so is it replaced with T.O.P.?

OK, using BigU's suggestion:

WPG 27 Points
CGY 18
Sask 18
BC 15

Tor 25
BC 16
WPG 13
MNT 12