Best Noise makers , Cow Bell & plastic long horn

I was listening to Marwan Hage talk about the last Grey Cup in Regina won handily by the Riders .
Marwan said on the Bill Kelly Show 900 CHML, " We couldn't hear each other ,it was so loud"
Wish I cold make one of those long plastic horns work , or I had a Cow Bell (sold out) , .....
Is the Tim Horton Field Crowd up to making lots of noise un prompted by the public address since it is a neutral game?
Can Tim Horton's Field make enough noise so the Bombers can't hear themselves? Hope so.....

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So Fans, this is for those who sit near any metal railing ( stairs, field level etc). These are essentially pipes and if struck with anything hard (particularly metal) give off decibels of noise.


The Vuvuzela is an awesome noise maker. I remember being at the 2010 South Africa World Cup, the sound was deafening in the stands. The Vuvuzela eventually made it on the FIFA's list of banned items.

I am bringing 2 just for Collaros on Sunday.


Spoiler alert, Bombers play in some of noisest stadiums/games on the planet, Mosaic & IGF.

Every LDC & Banjo Bowl are deafening. Not to mention 2019 Western Final in Regina in front of 33,000 rabid fans. What's Hamilton got 24,000?

Meh....... bring it.


On the planet? Not sure about that one.

The Donut Box will be rocking Sunday night.

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Is there any way to communicate to all the casual fans that you are not supposed to make noise when your own offence is on the field?


A box of day olds?

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Yes, those are for the visiting team.


Last week it was just as loud when Argos were on offence as when we were. The ticat fans had the better arsenal for making noise in enemy territory.
The Bombers, being a veteran team and playing against Sask often, have figured out playing in a hostile environment.
I am looking forward to the crowd harassing the Bombers and the use of creative expletives hurled at O'Shea.

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I am looking forward to the crowd harassing the Bombers and the use of creative expletives hurled at O'Shea.

Drat, cussing out the opposing coach, Nooooo. "STOP THE INSANITY"

You gently put your hands over theirs and smile.

I really wouldn't recommend putting your Hands over someone else's mouth, Covid, assault, invasion of privacy, creepy, illegal.......

Hands on hands - Who said anything about mouths? I did it to my casual fan friend at the Eastern Final.

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I mean our fans could be like Toronto and have zero crowd effect.

As for loudest on the planet... I assure you, the game in Ohio I went to with 100,000 people is much louder than anything the cfl has.

God forbid we're excited to cheer on our team on our home turf for the first time since the 70s. We should admit that bombers are far better in every aspect, from crowd noise to the product on the feild.

Crowd noise makes a difference, even if the team is used to playing in hostile conditions... Is it ever THE difference... Generally no.

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My bad. Still wouldn't recommending touching others in the stadium

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I was thinking of this, we need to take full advantage of the home crowd. From before opening kickoff, can't wait for something on the field to wake the crowd up. Get on the bombers before they even come out the tunnel.

My section knows when to make noise, if you're at the game, don't be afraid to be a leader for your section. Show them when to get up and get loud and when to keep quiet.

This is a rare opportunity to really help our team, let's do our part!


No no crowd noise is irrelevant. Just save your voice just give the old golf clap

I truly hope the stadium is full of Hamilton supporting fans. It really makes for a better game experience not to mention television optics.
Also I hope this game is as exciting as both the EF & WF were. To the winner goes the Grey Cup.

Best of luck to Hamilton Tigger Cats & Winnipeg Blue Bombers. This is what they play for. This is why we watch.


I have full confidence that the Tiger Cat crowd will make continuous noise when the Bombers are on offense. The noise in that stadium really carries so hopefully the 24 thousand can make it seem like 35 thousand.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for hometown Ticat fans. Almost 50 years since we hosted last…. So no conservative Nelly’s in the crowd, be loud, boisterous and proud :grinning::grinning:

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The problem with Toronto fans in Toronto is that there are more Hamilton fans there :+1:

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