Best NFL QBs to not win a Super Bowl

In the 10+ yrs of playing group, I start with


Manziel? .

10 yrs, not 10 minutes :slight_smile:

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Add to the list :

Fran Tarkenton

Jeff Garcia

Dan Fouts

Ron Jaworski

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Doug Flutie

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Dan Marino.

Philip Rivers shouldn't be considered FHOF. The consecutive streak doesn't get him in the Hall. He never got to the SB in his career. Never won the big game. Stat piler, Made more turnovers than a bakery

it is invalid to judge a players quality by the number of championships their team won.

Rivers is 7th all time QB rating. He is 6th in Completion %. He is in the top 6 in td/int ratio. He is highly regarded by his peers.

One example

Top 10 quarterbacks to never win a Super Bowl: Where does Philip Rivers rank? (

another list

The 10 Best Quarterbacks to Never Win a Super Bowl - HowTheyPlay - Sports


Who says? If the NFL allows entry for Philips to get into the Football Hall of Fame it waters down the criteria and quality of inductees. The HOF has to draw the line and not let sentimentality get the better of their judgement.. It's called the Hall of Fame, not Hall of "Just Alright" High standards to get in must be met

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So Dave...where is the criteria that says HOF needs to be a SB win.

Do Moon, Marino, Fouts , Tarkenton ot belong there? Should Eli Manning be in there?

What criteria are you reading or just making up your own?

I loved watching Fouts. Three step drop, maybe one pump, and then off she goes. Fantastic to watch. The problem was he could go down the field in three plays and his defense would never get a chance to rest.


yeah...he was fun to watch. So was that team. Too bad they never spent any money on defense.

Skip Bayless has the same criteria that we both agree upon.

I research my points, so don't try to say I make up things. My name is attached to what I post

??. I don't really understand your response. What are your HOF criteria?

Actually forget about it. That maybe should be stand alone topic.

You show me your HOF credentials, I'll show you mine.

Thought so. See ya Littleman

Sorry Dave if I insulted you.
You brought up HOF criteria . I was just interested in what those were for you.
No need to get into a snit.

A little blurb of respect from one opponent of Rivers

“I’ll never forget lining up for a play and Phil pointing to one of our linebackers and telling him he was lined up wrong based off the blitz we were about to run and being 100% correct about it haha. One of the smartest I’ve ever played against and a hell of a competitor.“ — Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt

Deshaun Watson is statistically by far the best QB to not win a Super Bowl. This is only his 4th season though so he still has a chance (despite playing for Houston)

Other notables:
Fran Tarkenton
Dan Marino
Matt Ryan
Dan Fouts
Ken Anderson

Philip Rivers and Warren Moon are both oddball cases because of teams the played for
Jim Kelly is just not that good

I see Philip Rivers is ranked 12th not 7th for rating. I see him 14th not 6th for completion. I followed your links and do not see a source for the numbers but they do not line up to the references.

You're right. I jumped to conclusions to quickly. I'm at fault here too. I should've waited to respond to let my emotions subside. Damn, being cooped up plays on my mind at times.

Does decades long fan of the Sport count for something?

I understand there is a lot of sentimentality for Rivers, but if the proponents for Rivers take a little time to decompress from the matter come back for his eligibility time requirement and compare his results to others that have HOF credentials.

I think sport analysts want to lump Rivers' career with Eli Mannings and Ben Rothlesberger's stellar career because he was in that first round draft class(I watched a NFL Film doc with Ron Jaworski saying he ranked JP Losman behind Rivers). JP Losman was in that first round and didn't pan out.

I take back what I posted. I will try to be a better colleague. My apologies to you

No particular order, there are a few Quarterbacks that had great careers, but unfortunately have not won a Super Bowl. I'm also going to pick Quarterbacks that were not about the stats, but played there hearts out for their teams.

  1. Dan Marino
  2. Jim Kelly
  3. Fran Tarkenton
  4. Joe Kapp
  5. Brian Sipe
  6. Ken Anderson
  7. Ron Jaworski
  8. Phillip Rivers
  9. Dave Krieg
  10. Rich Gannon
  11. Vinny Testeverde
  12. Craig Morton
  13. John Brodie
  14. Steve McNair
  15. Donovan McNabb
  16. Randall Cunnigham
  17. Sonny Jurgenson
  18. Warren Moon
  19. Dan Fouts