Best News So Far = Markeith will Be Back!!!

Drew Edwards confirmed with Obie yesterday that Markeith Knowlton is staying in the Hammer and the Cats plan to re-sign him long term when the dust settles during free agency. This is the best news I could have heard...better than us signing anybody else....

Tisdale is returning to the Cats as well. However, it looks like he intends to play out his contract.

The links are in the Scratching Post. Thanks Drew.

Oh yea, that works!


Great news!

I think Tisdale wants another NFL shot. But the good news is that he will have to perform very well this upcoming season to attract that NFL interest, which will only benefit the Ticat D.

Super news about Knowlton. . .he's easily the favourite TiCat of both Mr and Mrs MadJack. . . great LB and a class act as well.

Welcome back Markeith! Although, he never really left I'm glad he is a confirmed Ti-Cat for 2010. He has been the best diamond in the rough that has turned up in the last few years for our team. I'm looking forward to another stellar season for him. Maybe he will get the defensive award that he deserved in '09.

Glad to see Tisdale back too. He is another crucial piece to the 2010 squad, especially with the departure of Thompson and Smith.

Great news. He' awesome.

alright so we have the best linebacking core together for 2010 yesterday we solidified are receivers today we add 2 decent corners to replace the two we lost ( nothing gained nothing lost) i think were set a tweek here a tweek there its gonna be a GREAT 2010 SEASON

Thank God!! Truly the best news so far!!

Great news :thup: and longterm to Boot :rockin:

Is it long term yet? I heard they were going to offer him a long term contract once the free agency hoopla was over with. I hadn't heard that he signed anything. I thought he was still in his option year for 2010.

I think he desevres a standing O his 1st time on the field

For What?