Best New Primary Sports Logo of 2019

The results are in and the people have voted the new Montreal Alouettes logo as the best new primary logo of 2019. I'm a fan of it and I'm glad it got recognition in the sports logo community.

Source:2019 Creamer Awards Winners: The Best New Sports Logos of 2019 – SportsLogos.Net News

It is a good logo. It would make a great baseball logo. If MLB returns to Montreal and the Expos name is not available, the football and baseball teams could have the same name.

On another topic I never knew there were kangaroos in Kansas City…

Yes totally agree .

Love the logo it's simple , strong and kinda batman like .

The helmet will not be everybody's liking but the logo by itself is the one thing they did right .

Congratulations to the Alouettes and the logo designer.
Well done!

Did anyone scroll down to see the competitors in the secondary logo competition?

Traverse City Pit Spitters? A secondary logo of cherries in a baseball glove?
Amarillo Sod Poodles? I have no idea what that is about.