Best new Cat since last year?

Along the lines of a previous thread - differences between this team and last year's team - If you had to chose one new player who has made the difference who would it be?

If Sears wasn't on the injured list he might have my vote but after the last two weeks my vote is for Ryan Bomben.

Our O-line is the best it has been in many years. Collaros has enough time this year in the pocket to shine. Last year it was chaotic as the line couldn't stop the rush with the result that Collaros got injured (much the same way Drew Willy went down - Different injury but similar circumstances with a line that could not protect).


off the top of my head

the Hitman Hickman and Emanuel Davis

I'm going to go off the beaten path and go with Peter Dyakowski.

Apart from one bad game, you are not seeing a lot of off end sacks on Collaros, nor DE's making plays on screens and sweeps.

And given he missed practically the entire season last year, I think from going from sideline cheer leader to savy vet, I'm gonna give it to Dyakowski.


Are we talking best new Cat, as in players who weren't on the team before this year? If so, it's got the be one of Olson, Bomben, H. O'Neill, Toliver, or Woodson.

Woodson hasn't been used enough to make a huge impact - unfortunately, in my opinion. Toliver is turning out to be a very good receiver, although with the rest of the talent on the team, he may not get to shine as much as he might otherwise. O'Neill's ability to place the ball where he wants, and that backspin he put on the ball on the recovered short punt against Winnipeg remind me a bit of Bartel. And having him punting has allowed Medlock to focus on his field goal kicking, which has paid dividends.

But I agree that the biggest impact has been the o-line. No idea which of the two players has made the bigger difference. So rather than flip a coin, I'm going with a tie between Olson and Bomben.

OK. Senior moment. Not sure how I forgot the Olson was on the team last year. So I guess it's Bomben by himself.

No worries! I'd be lying to you if I told you it gets better as you get older. The only thing that gets better, is your ability to apologize and not let it bother you. :wink:

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The weirdest part about the O-line is that a CFL All-Star last year (OG Brian Simmons) can't crack the starting line-up of this year's team mainly because of the ratio rules and the fact that the 'Cats wanted to start three Canadians on the O-line. Currently Simmons has Olson, Figueroa and Lewis ahead of him at the tackle position.

It's made me wonder if maybe perhaps that Simmons for whatever reason might be in the Austin doghouse ? The guy has been a solid player for this team the last 4 seasons and I figured at the start of the season that Simmons would be a lock for one of the starting Tackle spots. Austin has been known though to be not afraid to bench someone regardless of who they are like Norwood last season and Sinkfield this season just to name a few. Anyway for my money if your talking about my fav or best Cat so far this season that wasn't on the team in 2014 I'd have to go with Bomben on Offense and Washington on the Defense.

Ooooh, forgot about Washington. Still going with Bomben, though.

I can remember Henley, Zuger, Barrow, Mosca, etc. like it was yesterday, but can I remember who played for us last year? :oops:

Well, as long as I still recognize when I mess up, I'm still good with that. :smiley:

Totally miss understood the thread :oops:

I agree with CFiO about Bomben.