Best National/Non-Import Offensive Tackles?

If you had to pick two Canadian offensive tackles to anchor your team, who would they be? Lot's of quality content to choose from. Montreal has a couple Canadian starters in Bourke and Perrett, there's Heenan in Saskatchewan, the REDBLACKS started the Canadian MacMillan in their first game, and the Argos have a pair of big ones in Van Zeyl and Sewell. Lot's of quality interior Canadian lineman as well, and it's not uncommon to see those guys do double duty. Who's your pick? Also, check out the article at to see who they picked for their All-Canada team.

Sorry but I have to ask. . . are you just posting to advertise your website?

First and foremost we are trying to generate some conversation regarding Canadian content in today's CFL. Whether the conversation takes place here or on our site, we are trying to address this often-overlooked topic.

Overlooked? Are you serious??

Have you not bothered to check out the numerous threads in this forum on that very subject? You're kidding, right?

The forum on your website doesn't have much conversation about the topic, I grant you that, but then the forum on your website has all of THREE posts on it, so that's hardly surprising.

Anyway, answer the question.