Best Name Ever: Maritime Kraken.

On a recent post Hank01 opined that "Kraken" might be the name of an Atlantic CFL team. Though he meant it as a joke, it might just be the single best nickname in the world of sports.

Release The Kraken! Love it!!!!

Thanks Pete but it was one of the names on the site CFL in Halifax with uniform mock ups .

So I can't take credit .

I have seen it as mock ups for a possible Seattle Hockey team name as well .

It would be a good name for the youth market and merchandise . The rum is pretty good too . The bottles are keepers .

My k(c)racken is itchy or what is it, people that go to bed with an itchy a..... wake up with smelly finger. :-*

I'm not sure Kracken is the best name for a sports team. ;D

Sorry, but to me Maritime Kraken doesn't work, but that's just my opinion.

Note to self . Never share a bag of chips with Aerial . :wink:

Yeah, forget Tritons, there can be no better name than Kraken.

Too Soccerry.

A FB team's name should end with an s.

Well observed, Vermonter. Maritime Krakens.

Release the Krakens!!!!!!

Bobo is already seeing the vast possibilities. "Cats take bite out of Krakens". "Krakens double blue after whupping by Argos". Who's a head line writer?

Plumbers rejoice: Release the Krakens.