They should hire Ritchie Hall as Head Coach. The guy should have been HC of the Riders and he's the reason they have 8 wins, as their offence stinks (I'll allow some give for the injuries).

Hall is great at scheming and at judging talent. He could still be DC and HC and Hamilton would improve immediately as defence can keep you in games even if your offence stinks (Toronto's proven that throughout this decade, up until this season).

2nd best move ... trade/release Printers and use that $300,000 to get some better Canadian talent.

3rd best move ... enclose Jessie Lumsden in a rubber bubble when he plays.

Get him a Zorb


That gave me a chuckle. :smiley: As for releasing Printers… God, do they ever have a mess at QB…

Ti-Cats, you may not have Richie Hall. That is all. Have a good day.

I am one big Richie Hall fan..............

That said, it seems to me that defensive coordinators often don't pan out as head coaches (e.g. Stubler, Etcheverry), whereas offensive coordinators seem to (e.g. Trestman).

On the other hand, Wally Buono and Don Matthews were both defensive coordinators before becoming head coaches, so that blows that theory out of the water.

Does anybody really, really beleive Richie would leave a sure bet where he has roots to go join "The Adams family" in Hamilton? Come on people! The only way that happens is if he goes there with Shivers as a GM and I can't see that happening. Bob Young dosen't have "the package" to fire Mitchell and Obilovich and bring in a maverick like Shivers.

Obie will develop the team in a way that we, the TiCats, will be vying for the Grey Cup within 3 years, mark my words. :x

I don't believe Shivers would be the right choice for GM. He would make a great personnel manager, but to give full control of a team, that would not be the right move. Yes, he did improve the Riders, they went from lousy to mediocre. You might accept that, but that will be as far as you will go. Anyone can say what they want, but the bottom is this- in 7 yrs of Shivers rule, we did not have a home playoff game, and made it to the Western Final once, and let a key FA get away. Yes, they were a good team, but it took another GM to take them over the top. I wonder, can you wait 5-7 yrs for a winner?

If OB has any smarts at all he'll hire Hall as he's the brightest young mind in the League today and probably its best and most consistent defensive coordinator ..... am I'm a Lions fan.

As for hiring Dunigan ... i love the guy, but his post-concussion syndrome is SEVERE. Thats a big risk believing that he can handle the load. He would make a good QB coach.