Best Moment Of The Game

Paopao Getting Smoked on the sidelines :lol: that was histrical He cant call plays but he can sure take a hit.

Needs a few more

I would like to smoke you for that comment. What kind of lowlife would revel in anyone getting hurt, specially someone as good a person as Joe is.

Thank you for this. I agree completely.

This site and some of our so called fans have reached an all time low.

Sorry, Crash, when the entire team plays like ca-ca, then it's the coaches who are fired.

Of course we've hit a low. take a look around 3 Quarterbacks in one game!!! The Offence has been terrible & who runs the offence Joe Paopao. Hell I'd love to see him get smacked around a few more times & then take down Kavis Reed. & Paopao Frustrates me Corey Holmes should be the Starting RB but Ranek is starting because Of he's relationship with Paopao In Ottawa. Look at the O-Line. Majority Is Ottawa. Half the offence is players from Ottawa's team last year, they sure won games last year.Its pretty sad when the cats best Offensive player is Peterson. & Im not gonna speak for anyone but Im pretty sure theres others out there that think the same way. Your bestfriend Paopao is gone at the end of the year.

Paopao is a goner.

Hell I'd love to see him get smacked around a few more times
words of a lowlife.

No correction. Words of someone who is sick of seeing the offence go 2 and out.

you not happy with things. You think Paopao is responsible, you say you want him fired, not injured. :roll:

or is violence your solution to things in life?

haha, alrite. I will take back what I said. I dont want him injured, just fire him. Sorry if i offended your bestfriend Joe Paopao. oh shit, I just saw him limping off the field. he looks like he's in pain. I bet he wishes he stayed upstairs.

OMG okay, I honestly feel like a huge dick for laughing at that. I thought it was a little hit but he looks like hes in pain shit. He might have torn he's knee up bad. Shit.

well, we all put our foot in our mouths everyonce in a while.

I know I am overdue

Joe needs those hits to correct the ringing in his ears hes been recieving since the beginning of the season. And id dare say the whole team needs a punch in the nsoe to make them straighten up and fly right. Nothing like being physical to get your point across. Use your words and ill use my primative/immature physics. Go attempt to degrade someone who cares.

Sry FootbalYoubet, didnt see your last post before i posted my last post. Aplogoies.

The best moment of this game was when the clock went to zero in the fourth quarter

maybe a big trade coming cats esks?

Violent tendencies seem to be acceptable on this site.

However, moving on to a more plesant topic, it seems some people would suggest a certain white bikini was the best moment of the game.

Hmm Ockham i must agree. But seeing that our cats keep up with that "QB Killer" attitude is always pretty good. Three QB's knocked out is pretty decent.

Yeah ~ that was the best hit of the game.

I've never seen such a poor performance, do you think they could be playing like this on purpose?

The players looked as if they didn't even want to try.They didn't show any type of effort, if the ball was a little over thrown, they didn't even make an effort or if it was slightly underthrown, they wouldn't even try to come back to the ball. I have a feeling that as the players contracts come due, they won't want to re-sign with THIS team.
It looks to me like they don't like playing for this team. IE: Look at all the great off-season signings but now they don't do @#*&