Best looking helmet in Ticat history?

See [url][/url] for a look at the possibilities. Take your pick...

I picked the 84-85 helmet as I tend to like the retro. But...I couldn't really see any difference between it and the 72-83 helmet.

The 84-85 helmet has a black wire mask instead of white. That is all.

Just realized I forgot the special white Labour Day helmet from this year. Oh well.

I recall that helmet getting some mixed reviews when it first came out. I’m not sure if many people who have voted for it anyway. With that Labour Day performance, it probably would have brough back some bad memories.

But this is a good topic though. Thanks for that link.

I didn't like the white helmet. Next time, they should try a special edition gold helmet.

I still like the gold helmet, and the '67 version, with the Centennial symbol behind the Tiger, was classic...