Best Looking Football?

Which football do you think looks the best? Why?

I think...

  1. XFL. Call me crazy but I like the black and red design. I would never want an old traditional league like the CFL to use a ball like that but for the XFL it was perfect. One of the few things the XFL did right.

  2. CFL. It's all about the full stripe on both ends baby!

  3. NCAA. I dig the half stripe. It's certainly better than nothing at all.

  4. AFL. I like the design... for indoor "football". I use quotations because it's my opinion that the AFL is a gimic sport.

  5. NFL. Plain. Boring. Simple. JUST like the NFL itself.

I like the CFL ball. It has the most personality, without going over the top like the XFL and AFL balls.

For the “normal” football, CFL all the way.
For the more abnormal, I have to stick with the tan and go AFL.

I love the XFL ball but I would NEVER want the CFL to go drastic like that. The CFL is awesome.

The CFL ball at one time had no stripes on it, like the NFL ball now. I think the stripes add character to it and I'm glad they switched way back when. It is easier also to see the ball on TV compared with a plain ball. Although it does show when the ball flutters whereas the plain ball "hides" these flutters more. I did like the XFL ball, have one in my rec room along with a CFL and NFL ball.

I'd have to say ditto.... Love the current CFL ball, but McMahon had one brain cell firing with his football... he had a couple more ideas that were pretty good, too, but the rest was a gimmicky mess.

CFL balls are bigger. :thup:

Nerf footballs, circa 1978...LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

I love to see the old J5V Back ..
That was a CFL Ball

I love the CFL
how a Ball that is the Team Colours.
In Hamilton it would Black with gold Stripes

CFL balls are wicked, easy to catch in the dark as the white is more visible then just an all black football. Personally my favourite footballs are Street Balls, as they are rather colourful, and nice on the hands to catch.

of course!! we're caadian!! haha :rockin:

I miss the J5V!

Not anymore, They are the same size as the NFl now