Best Lion of All Time

I was having a beer with a number of Lions fans the other night and the topic of Best-Ever came up. This was a group of multi generational folks aged between 65-35.

The older consensus was clear: Joe Kapp or Willie Fleming. The passion for those teams was palpable
Then it got murky but still memorable:
Mervyn Fernandez
Jim Young
Then the '90’s teams seemed to be totally forgotten as the lost generation. The only guy that everyone mentioned was Passaglia.

Then a rebirth it seems in the 2000’s Geroy Simon, Dickenson, and several other names bantered about.

But boy you can sure tell that the 90’s were a lost decade for fans.
Is that telling?

All time Lions?

Springing to mind immediately are Willie Fleming, Tom Larscheid, and Swervyn Mervin.

depends on if you look at it as who was the best player to wear a lions uniform, or what player performed the best in lions uniform.

For the former, that answer is clearly doug flutie.

as for the 90's, Lui and Darren are all I can remember, sigh

The statementquestion can also be interpreted as what player best represented the lions, as in quality of play, off field public relations, longevity, etc. That would include such players as Lui, Jamie Taras and Brett Anderson.

IN terms of actual on field accomplishment and excitement as a lion, per game played, for me its gotta be mervyn for all time. Mervyn to me is the lions Pavel Bure.

Best Lion of all time?
Unfortunately…I really don’t think, that in the sport of Football…it is possible to Pick just One player, as being the Best.
Due to there being so many aspects and ingredients that would go into that type of player or that Title itself.
Yes…we have had Tons of really Good players put on the Lions Jersey, But the Best?
What with Football being made up of Defense and Offense and Special Teams…picking just One Player , that would stand out, High above the others…is next to impossible to do.
Popularity, PR, Self promotion and Exposure would play a Big part in that decision…and if it were to come down to Exposure…Ya…Merv Fernandez would be at the Top of that List ( Well …in Oakland, that is! LOL) .

The same argument can be made for any Sport…Hockey would have Bobby Orr?..Baseball would have Babe Ruth but if you were to get to specific Best Ever on certain teams…there is always room for argument.
Vancouver Canucks…Best “Player” ever…it has to be Pavel Bure…hands down.
Ya…Trevor and Stan are right up there for other factors…but when it comes down to BEST ever…unfortunately that usually means, POINTS put up on the Board…not Defense!

So having said that…Points put up on the Board for the Lions…then that would be Lui.
But in the running would be Joe Kapp…Willie Fleming…Jim Young…Merv…Flutie…etc.

A better question would have to be…Who is your all time Favorite BC Lion?

My pick would have to go to …Ray Nettles!
Being in my 50’s now ( Man…I still feel and act as if I am 15…My own 23 year old Son…is more Mature and Grown Up, than I will ever be! LOL) and coming from a family that had seasons tickets way back when…I have been fortunate to see a lot of our great players play for the Lions…Kapp, Young, Gerela, Evenson, Musso, Merv, John Henry White, Jake Scott, Bill Baker, Hunsberger, Estay, etc…But when it came to playing the game, as it should be Played…I would have to say…That Ray Nettles was the BEST…at his Position.
The Glory ( Pretty Boy) positions of Quaterback and Receiver, are always nominated for these types of over inflated Honors, but it is the Guys who play in the Trenches, and that actually get their hands dirty, are the ones that I watch, admire and respect.
Rest In Peace Ray.
In my eyes…You were and are …the Best!

Nicely said Backer…

Swervin Mervyn Fernandez has to be one of the greatest nicknames of all time.

Wow, aged 65-35. Did they change the way they keep track of how old people are these days? They count down the years now? :lol:

The alltime best Lion? Not even close.......Louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Luigi Passaglia

Counting Down, is exactly what you do.....after having one too many, Beers! LOL
Just like the song says......99 Bottles of Beers on the Wall........99 Bottles of Beer.......Pass one down... and Pass it around, and you have 98 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.
Just like we are all counting down the days......until the First Kick Off, in the New Empire Stadium.
I really don't like it being referred to as, Empire Field......sounds more like a Soccer Pitch, and some what disrespectful to the Hallowed historic grounds, but to will always be Empire Stadium!

At any rate.......Lui was the Highest scoring Local Talent, to have ever played for the Lions.....but the Best?
That will always be open for a healthy Debate.

wow …didnt know the left coast had so many rigid rules :lol:


I would think that 15 year veteran Al Wilson deserves an alltime best B.C. Lion also.

Dunno if any of you can answer this, but…

When I was at McMaster U in the late 60s/early 70s, there was a tongue in cheek Nub Beamer cult on campus. People wrote in his name on election ballots, etc etc.

Any idea why him?

......I'll go with Willie 'the wisp' Fleming.....Dirty Thirty should get an honourable mention along with Swervin Mervin :wink:

Mervyn Fernandez is by far the best Lion of all time.

Other greats I can remember: Darnell Clash, Ned Armour, Joe PaoPao.

Yes, the operative phrase being "one of".

I always liked Paopao's nickname, 'the throwin' Samoan'

Hmmm interesting... well Ray Nettles gets my vote, followed by "dirty 30" Jim Young You had to love those guys they played with passion.

QB: Damon Allen - passing, rushing, cup (runners up: Joe Capp, Roy Dewalt)
RUSH: Willie Fleming - yards combined, cup (runners up: Jim Evensen, Sean Millington)
RECEIVING: Geroy!! (runners up: Swervyn Mervyn and Jim Young)
DB: Larry Crawford (hands down!)
O-LINE: The Murphinator! (Rob was the 'scariest' as well)
D-LINE: Anthony Parker
KICKER: Lui (Duh!) ...although McCallum has better FG %
MOST EFFECTIVE DEFENSE (tackles): Cameron Wake
FUNNIEST: Grazy George (remember him?)
BEST OVERALL: Willie Fleming

I think Dave Dickenson was better than Damon Allen. Allen was great when on but horrible when off. Dickenson was very consistant and was amazingly efficient.
Rob Murphy was good on the O Line but I'd go with Jamie Taras instead there.

fixed it for ya

Best single game performance of all time.

Bill Munsey. Linebacker that was press into playing fullback in the same game once. Scored 2 touchdowns, one on offence, one on defence. !964 Grey Cup