Best line of the week

"Experience is overrated"

Bob Obilovich on Ticats TV


Nobody can top this.

End of thread. 8) :roll:

That is funny, and yet, I get his point.

Perhaps, "Experience isn't everything," might have been more appropo.

More appropriate? Obie tells it how it is. If you can’t play your experience isn’t going to save you.

Best Quote Football Quote Ever
was taken From HBO Hard Knocks
Tranning Camp the KC Chiefs last Season

“Look at the guys I was performing with….hell I had to make chicken salad out of chicken **it?
Casey Printers after Being Cut

Welcome back to the CFL Casey LOL :lol:

Obie didn't say

'Experience is over-rated'

on Ticats TV, HfxTC.

Perhaps what he actually said
might have been more appropriate.

It was "Experience is a bit overblown."

He is speaking of receivers.

Paraphrasing the rest of what he said...

If a guy is experienced and
he has never made any plays

then, what good is that?

If a guy isn't experienced
but he is enthusiastic,

goes and catches the ball
and knocks people over

and puts fear in d-back's eyes,
then, isn't that what you want?

While I do see some value in experience, I see it more when it comes to coaches.

I totally understand Bob’s point. We’re always looking for ‘CFL experience’. Is catching a ball any different in the CFL than it is in the NFL, NFL europe or arena? Different routes maybe (b/c of the field size), but that can be learned given a little time.

Is tackling, throwing, rushing, or blocking any different in the CFL than it is in the other leagues? No. The basics are always the same. Sure, small differences lie within the rules and dimensions of each game, but players will get used to that soon enough.

Bob wants talent, no matter where it’s from, if it happens to be a player already familiar with the CFL, it’s a bonus. But he won’t sign a mediocre purely for the fact he has ‘CFL experience’.

BTW, since when are we to criticize a proven CFL leader like Bob O’Billovich.

Would you rather we still had Marcel ‘dime a dozen’ Desjardins?

Some fans in BC thought Obie reminded them of Elmer Fudd, I dont think so, but Id sure like to hear him say Wacky Wabbit.

It just made me smile that a 72 year old guy hired for his "experience" comments that it isn't an important factor.

Yes very much a straight shooter...and a good football man.

Then you weren't surprised, HfxTC when Obie also said

that experience is very important
on the O-line and in the secondary?


He was referring to experience as a unit

but the comment fits as well
with the players on those units.

He knows that those units will
likely take the most time to gell.


Obviously, Obie was attempting to downplay the fact
that our receiving corps doesn't have much experience

when he said

experience is an overblown aspect
of what a good receiver is.

Obie never did say experience was over-rated.

He was specifically speaking about receivers, anyway.

Check out Ticats T.V. and maybe
you can let this pass, HfxTC.

Said by a man whose team doesn't have alot of experience.

An Argo-Cat fan

It's a good experience as a fan to watch young players full of heart playing together as a unit and all of them buying into the coaching teams experience . :cowboy:

Hey HfxTC: If you're going to quote someone, get it right, please.

What Obie actually said makes this entire thread redundant.

See Ron's posts. (ronfromtigertown)

Thanks Spike I think HfxTC can read it for himself.

potatoe, potato

overblown, overrated

It just was ironic to me. Dosen't take away anything from Obi nor was I implying that. Everything he said made sense and was nice to get some insight on his method and planning.

Tranning Camp the KC Chiefs last Season


I REALLY dont want to know what this camp is for....

Experience ALONE means nothing, is what I believe his point is.

However, all things being equal, a talented receiver with no experience will be a much more skilled talented receiver with alot of experience. Talent is inherent, skill develops with time and EXPERIENCE. Obie was downplaying experience in order to promote the guys he brought in at receiver. But many of them do have pro experience elsewhere and I'm optimistic.

Having said that, it looks like another year of looking at your programmes to see who that "number 18 guy" is again. Someone mentioned that the units have to gel. I don't want that to be the excuse again. "Well, these guys need time to gel. It's their first year together and most of them are in their first CFL season..." Which is why i was so disappointed with the Armour and Armstead cuts.

Besides that, as a fan it's nice to see your favourite players year in and year out (if they're still up to the job). You know them and like them and they become part of the team brand. I hate seeing a field full of fresh recruits every year. But hopefully many of these guys will be good, and will stick for a few seasons.