best labour day game ever

since im young i would have to say 2 years ago i think? when it went into overtime and troy davis had a mammoth of a game, though we didnt win it was still a classic

my first labour day 1981.
esks-cats 34-34 tie. was suppose to be a grey cup preview and was one the best games i ever saw.
clements vs moon.

glad someone commented

This is gonna be a classic if Richie Williams applies the ' simplicity ' into a sample city

Emmms that was a great game for sure !!!
another game Earl Winfield scored 4 TDS and I think 3 were different ways . Punt return , kickoff return , and pass reception !!!!!

How can a Labour Day game that was not against Toronto be tops on your list?

that was the first game i ever went to. i was 7.
the ref refused to give the ticats a timeout late in the first half, and time ran out before they could try a field goal.
wilkinson brought the eskimos back to tie it.

Last Year...

Sounds great, I wish you were the programer for ESPN clasics, they should be showing games like that. They show some brutal games on that station.

that would be teh awesome!!!!1one

yeah that was earl classic i believe 88.
i was across ticat bench 10 yd line 2nd row.
1 think we won like 56-20. other memories of that game is jed tommy running over carl brazely in front of cat bench. and kulka getting the boot and having to walk past ticat bench.

I agree.
That has to be in my top 5 of all time best games I've seen the Cats play.

agreed, and was there not also an "intentional grounding" controversy in that game, some memories - Harold Woods had a loooong fumble recovery for a td , and aarrrgghhh - Brian Kelly's late td to tie it up ... trying to remember more..........

best labour day game was.

I was in high school we had about 20 guys come out and play football at a near by park it was a hoot.

Actually freshwind, the intentional grounding call was in a game against Edmonton in September 1979. Harold Woods did indeed have a long fumble recovery for a TD, but Kelly never tied the game up on a late TD. It was a Bernie Ruoff field goal that tied the game up for the Ticats after Neil Lumsden had put the Eskimos ahead 34-31 late in the fourth quarter. Without a doubt the greatest Labour Day game ever(yes Crash, even tho' it wasn't against the Argos).

You'll have to be careful with the Wilkinson references. The Official Record has been cleansed, and henceforth Warren Moon shall be declared solely responsible for the Eskimos Dynasty of 1978-82. The fact that Moon was Wilkinson's backup for much of that time, and that Wilkinson often bailed out Moon when he was the starter, is an inconvenient distraction from the Official Tale.

The fact that Moon never made the all-star team until his last year shall also be overlooked, for he is the Greatest who Ever Played in Canada, and while few realized this during his years here, it became retroactively obvious to all when he subsequently achieved success in the Big League.

I remember another Labour Day game in 1980. It was against Toronto and the Cats beat them up.
I remember it rained like a monsoon for most of the 2nd and 3rd quarter.

I think Grover Covington had a fumble return for a touchdown that game.
Wasn't as good as '81 but still a classic because we spanked the Argos pretty good that night

Hehehehe.....I remember that game because it was my first game ever and it was also my 7th birthday.
We went to Mother's Pizza on Upper Gage for dinner and then on to the game. Yeah, it rained like crazy....I think we stayed for all of it but I'm not sure.
I want to guess that the score was something like 51-10 for the Cats...what a blowout. Aside from the rain and the fact the Cats beat the tar out of the Argos, I remember how intense the crowd was and how you werent very wise to be wearing a double blue jersey that night...they seemed to have trouble climbing the stairs because every time I turned around, they seemed to be rolling down them. I think they may have some help with that rolling though. :wink:
It made for some good stories for the first day of grade two...
Anyway, after a game like that...who wouldnt be hooked as a Cats fan!!

The 'Cats beat the Argos 23-2 in the 1980 Labour Day game. Cornerback Jerry Anderson,the "Beast from the East", ran back an interception 90 yards for a touchdown and Leif Pettersen got the other 'Cat touchdown on a pass from quarterback Charlie Weatherbie. That game was also the debut for running back Obie Graves who ran for 146 yards on 33 carries, all in the pouring rain.

1991: We were either 0-8 or 1-8 and the Argos with Dunigan, Pinball and Rocket Ismail were dominating the league with an 8-1 record. We had just fired our coach (John Gregory took over), our running backs were hurt so we had to play two Canadian slotbacks as runners. Lee Knight and Ernie Schraymeyer BOTH ran for over 100 yds and we clobbered them 48-24. We were up 21-0 after the 1st and down 24-21 by half, it was just a crazy game. The best part being the final score!