Best Kicker - Best Punter

I admire the opinions of everybody on this forum.

That's why I'm asking:
Which active CFL FG Kicker would you most like to have on your team and why?
Which active CFL Punter would you most like to have on your team and why?

Bonus question:
If you had to have one guy on your team to handle both field goals and punts, who would it be?


For FG kicking i'd keep Sandro DeAngelis, for punting i'd take Jamie Boreham and for both i'd take Paul McCallum

Good stuff. I think Mcallum is the most accurate punter in the CFL. He's solid on FGs too. So, I agree with you on Mcallum.

I like Congi for FGs (that may be my bias talking . . . it comes and goes).

I like Boreham as well for punting. I enjoy watching him do his rugby style punts, his tackling is impressive, he often tries to recover his own punts, and when he fakes it, I have confidence in him.

I like Congi also, and he'd probably be my #2 selection there.I go with Sandro because he's the most accurate FG kicker in CFL history right now and I believe he's just having some mental troubles which he will overcome and then he WILL be red hot again.

I have to go with Renaud on punts, Congi on field goals, and Prefontaine for both.

I REALLY like Boreham for punts. The Riders made a mistake, I think, by moving him. He is especially useful as a special teams tackler, which most punters are not. Also, he has a bit of an old-time attitude and likes to get his nose bloody and get in there and recover his own punts. Receiving teams need to allow for him in the blocking scheme, which can throw them off since its so unusual.

As for double duty--- McCallum or Prefontaine are both good calls. Don't think McCallum would ever willingly come back to Regina though. He had a bit of a crappy experience at the end.

Placekicking--- Congi is great when he runs hot, and average when he goes on a cold streak. DeAngelis may be good, but after the Calgary experience, even if he comes back, do you really WANT him in your dressing room? May as well bring back Van der Jagt if you want to go down that road.

Duval's struggles continue, and honestly, the PK role hasn't exactly been automatic this year, aside from the man in orange. So I guess that brings us back to McCallum again.

There you have it. Boreham for Punter, McCallum for PK, and either McCallum or Prefontain for double duty. Oh, and Suck-ota can be water boy.

Kicker - two weeks ago I would have taken Sandro DeAngelis without hesitation. I would still take him as two bad games does not mean the end of the line... it's just a slump.

Punter - Noel Prefontaine - the guy is Mr. Consistent. He has a career average over 46 yards and he can make tackles with the best of them.

Dual kicker - Paul McCallum - what can you say? This guy is like the Energizer Bunny. He keeps going and going and going. He also seems to be getting better with age.

I'm not sure who I would take as a kicker. Lots of inconsistency so far this season but if based on career then likely DeAngelis.

As for punter, Mike Renaud without a question. IMO he's one of the best (if not the best) directional kicker in the league. He's got a great average and net average on punts. Canad Inns Stadiums is one of the trickiest stadiums to punt in and he's doing a great job.