Best insult thread.

Much like the rest of you I was pretty disappointed in getting beaten up by the Bombers last night.

But unlike you I had no one to blame for my frustrations. Until a friend, who had been kidding me about being the acting-caretaker while I was out of town, sent me a note apologizing (in jest) for his poor oversight of the team in my absense.

So I got to send him the following flame. Boy, now I get it! Flaming people is fun and therapeutic! Try it, it’ll make you feel better.

Keep your language clean and leave out the cheap shots about my parentage, sexual orientation or receding hairline. Otherwise the mods will just have to nuke your post, only adding to the frustration we are all suffering today.



You bum!!! What were you thinking???
And you call yourself a football expert. Bah.

You’re a moron. You and your whole lame team and coaching staff. You are the worst ever seen in the history CFL football, probably in the history of competitive sports everywhere. The only reason I say “probably” is the ancient sporting events ended with the losers getting eaten by lions - a fate that is waaaaay too good for you.

I hate you. Hundreds of thousands of Ticats fans around the planet curse your name. May you be roasted in eternity over the fires of hell.

So, moron, what are you doing to prepare for the rematch in the 'Peg next week?

Respectfully, Your ever-supportive-fan-base.

Bob you are not only a great business man but have a sense of humor as well.

:thup: :lol: :lol: :lol:

hundreds of thousands of ticat fans... and only 27,000 to show for.Cut the backup caretaker! :wink:

ohhhhhh sure.....just a day into my self-imposed exile from the forums till the next game-day thread Bob comes up with this chance to have some fun eh? (at his expense).... :roll:

but nope, I'm keeping my "diss" about red socks all to myself....for now... :lol:

Funny thread! :lol:

what if the cats were owned by a teacher's union or stokeholders,etc

it'd be come on you..s..teachers ah union guyowner..i don't like and your,,,, schools, i mean prices i want money..back

I would never wanna insult Bob the owner!
But i guess owning a football team is alot harder then a computer company eh?

And the $8.00 beer! Is it not bad enough to make us watch a game like that ..and then add insult to injury by selling beer at a price we can afford to drown our sorrows! Maybe we should get Thresa from lakeport to buy the team..might not be a better team but at least the beer would only be a buck. And the friskin at the gate was probably bob's idea as well!
Having said that I hope bob sticks with this team for many years.

honestly.. i cant even show expression on my face its still stuck at :x from last nights 1st quarter the the fourth

CARETAKER I know who is resonsable for the bad showing of the team.

It is so simple I don't know how come it took me so long .


I felt like a Leaf fan.
Sitting there last night in the stands.

I looked around and people were laughing and crying at the same time.

We were all good Leaf fans.
We paid our dough with high hopes.
Team was a bunch of dopes.

Blamed the coaches .
Hung my head and saw the roaches.

They were painted double blue
scurring about the feet of me and you.

I can't think of a better insult
To call another adult .

We're like Leaf fans
Take that!

What a degrading thing to say.
A complete low blow.
I'm ashamed ,but I feel better!

LOL ... kewl idea

Ventin and rantin .... at "Red Hat/Socks"

Props Mr. Y

It makes me ill that I have to give money to you in order to watch the Cats play Bob.

How, in the name of jeebus, do you intend to have anything that even resembles a football team in Hamilton if you won't hire a winning coaching staff?

I can't stand this. I love the Cats but I can't stand the owner, coaches, GM and half of the fans (the half that blindly supports the idiots running this organization.)

You've saved nothing Bob. All you've done is gouge us.

Wow that was a stunning addition to this thread. Maybe next response you can put one of those cool emoticons with it.

I don't know, the thread is "Best Insult", seems like a pretty pointed and nasty insult so I'd say it qualifies. Even if it isn't very creative.

How's this?

Boy, there was a lot of Mickey sitings on Friday night. When will they start selling con-TAIN-ers again? Ginger Ale would be great.

The team played badly after drinking the bad FREE water out of those "lead pipes" at Ever Whine. :smiley:

Wow. That was an amazing flame. It is quite impressive. Thank you Caretaker for sharing that.


Attention Caretaker,

Hey Bob, got a great idea to rename the stadium, from "Ivor Wynne" to "I Never Wynne"

What do you think? It sure has a nice ring to it. :cowboy:

Anyways I could never diss you.....I got the upmost faith that you'll do what it takes to give us a powerhouse time.

I guess you have to look at it'll be that much sweeter when were're on top after being kicked when we're down. :cowboy:

regards BW

I took out my frustrations on my 16 year old nephew who is an Argo fan.

We went to the Argo game tonight with my two sons and other nephew who are all Ti-Cat fans.

I said to my Argo-fan nephew,[i]"I hope the Argos pick up Craig Yeast."

[/i]'Nuff said. :lol:

I'm no poet
And I sure knowit
(but my feet do!
They're Longfellows!)

My response to a previous poster!

Okay, aside from that, we are plainly in a rebuilding year and must make a point of going into the 'Peg next week and laying a physical licking on these scoundrels that failed to allow us even a couple points on Friday...lets "IMPRINT" that on their team psyche, whether we win or lose...lets let our guys have some "fun" in their jobs and take some of the "pressure" off of them!

In 2007, when the team is well and truly rebuilt, we can all bitch/whine and cry at management, but in the meantime, your "D" shines, the "ST's" are doing well, but you have some issues with coaching (overall) and offense in every aspect.

We will live through this and still be there the next year.

Now you've been "warned", just don't screw up!