Best in the West

Looks like the Lions are still the team to beat! Despite a number of nay sayers during the season gazing into their busted up crystal balls and predicting otherwise, WE ARE THERE! Going to be buying some seats for the Western final here....AGAIN!

Its been said that if the Lions dont bring their A game they can lose to a number of teams. Guess what? If the team coming here doesnt bring their A game they generally cant beat the Lions even when they arent on.

Smith, Clermont and Simon all threw up some good numbers and it was great to see Dave come in and be a bit productive right off the hop.

Who want to be the first to step up and try their luck against the mighty Lions?

Riders will be there with there helmets on. And I predict a tight game won in the final two minutes.

I wouldn't expect any less. Like I've said all along, Riders and Lions should be favoured to win Cup but don't count out the Stamps with a healthy Burris. Bombers, if they bring it like they did early in the season will be a contender too. It will depend on who is hot when it counts

I've got my West Final Tickets so I will be making a trip home to BC for the game.

Hard to deny it when the Lions can finish at 14-3-1. I think the Riders will put up a fight, though. It'll be one of those two teams representing the West in the GC.


If it's the Green riders I think KJ will be better prepared for the noise this year. Good matchup.

But we'll see if Smilin' Hanky can pull off the big upset... doubtful tho, Greenies are high octane offense.

...and can't wait for the "Only x tickets sold for the WF? Awwww" whinefest. Or the "I'm not gonna be there if we can't sellout" threads.

Good question . Who will it be who will start a stupid head up their butt attendance thread , 120db or dupsdell? Or both . Ha ha ! We should make that a poll question . :lol:

Yay Lions

I wonder why the fascination with attendance by them anyway.

Oh, and is anyone else not amused by Winnipeg falling to 2nd in the East after some of the jibba jabba from some of the fans this season? Cream rose to the top again! 2 of 3 from Regina (hey turkey, arent you sposed to win at home? at least one of em?) and put Winnipeg so far in the rear view that Toronto waved as they passed em by! Hopefully the western final is a dandy! Ill be there. Any team can win, thats why they play the game but I hope its the lions when the dust settles. Lions owned the regular season, let cheer them on to do the same in the playoffs!

I will be betting on Tie on my sports action tickets.

I will be betting on Tie on my sports action tickets.

First again HO HUM

At least that gives the boys some heal time. In fact, the Joe Train has looked a little slow to get up after a couple of plays the last few games.

One of his TD runs vs. Eskis last week sticks out in my mind. Also on another run in Hamilton.

Have a feeling they may go after Pringles record and let him sit out after that next week.

I think thats his style hes not a in your face guy . Maybe slowplaying a little.

Hope so. Just also can't forget him lying on the turf being attended to at home vs. Hamilton.

It was the end of the game, and he was out there for a good while before being escorted to the sideline.

Sports types haven't made an issue of it so your probably right.