best in the west

who will be the top 3 finishers this year in the west?
this is how i see it

this is how i see it


Esks Lions Riders

1- Eskimos
2- Lions
3- Riders
4- Calgary (They'll cross over)
5- Winnipeg Blue Bombers

I don't think our OL, return game and running game are equal to BC just yet, or the Riders.

Esks or Riders (will be close)


I think our running game needs some work and our return game will come around but to compare our OL to BC and say they are not 100x better than BCs horrible line is Crazy.
1 EDmonton
2 BC
3 Sask
4 Calgary
5 Winnipeg

eitherway calgary and winnipeg won't make playoffs, unless calgary crosses over

Attention ladies, the correct order is as follows:

  1. Riders
  2. Riders
  3. Riders

Anyone who says something different must be sniffing glue, E-towns most popular pastime.

Yeah its definatley gonna be Riders, BC, and Esks. As for the order you can pretty much pull names from a hat. I am looking forward to when these teams have a chance to play one another.

--Oh, cmon now guys. Your Eskies once again look like a contender. But no way are they better than the Lions this year. I say it'll be 1. Lions 2. Eskimos 3. Riders 4. Stamps 5. Bombers

I guess we don't really know until we see them play each other.

To be perfectly honest, both teams have ups and downs and the Leos haven't looked any more stellar than the Esks have so far...

My current prediction.

1st: Edmonton 13-5 (Win season series against BC 2-1)
2nd: BC 13-5
3rd: Winnipeg 9-9 (Win season series against Saskatchewan 2-1)
4th: Saskatchewan 9-9 (Crosses over)
5th: Calgary 6-12

1st - BC
2nd - Edm
3rd Cal <--- going out on a bit of a limb here
4th Sask. <--- they'll get the crossover
5th Winn.

BC - Edm - Calgary