best in the west

who will be the top 3 finishers this year in the west?
this is how i see it

There’s not a doubt in my mind that those teams won’t be in the top 3 but the order of them is really unpredictable. It’s going to be reaaal tight but hopefully you guys lose tonight and then it’ll be a 3 way tie for 1st haha. If the eskies would of won last night I would of been cheering for the riders tonight but since i don’t want you guys getting too far ahead… well… you know.

Anyways, I think it’ll be:

  1. Esks
  2. Riders
  3. Lions

Or at least thats what I’m hoping for. I can’t wait for the western semi final re-match against you guys because my girlfriends family is from Regina and they still haven’t shut up about your win over us last year lol. I’m guessing we’ll probably split the series with your win being in Taylor field and ours in Commonwealth Stadium. Good people in Sask (99% of them lol), hope to see all you Greeners back in Emdonton.