Best in the CFL

The real BC Lions showed up Oct 22 against the Bombers.
Who wins next week in Edmonton??

Winnipeg j/k

Right now I would say:


But it is pretty close between all teams.

How about "other"? Like the Ticats. :twisted:

  1. Edmonton. They were one of the top teams a month ago, and Troy Davis has made this team, in my opinion, the leading contender for the Grey Cup.
  2. Toronto (ugh!) Allen is playing the best football of his career, and their defence, though weaker than it's been in years, is still tough.
  3. B.C. Printers is playing a lot better now, and they were almost unbeatable when Dickenson -- who may be returning soon -- was playing. Their 41-1 win over the Bombers boosts their confidence, but nothing close to what it was before their 4-game losing streak.
  4. Montreal. In front of over 50000 home fans, they pulled out the biggest stinker of their season. If they lose the semi-final, and become the first team to lose to a crossover team, Matthews is gone.

Other playoff teams:
5. Calgary
6. Saskatchewan
Honestly, these could be 5(a) and 5(b). Joffrey Reynolds is as good as Kenton Keith. Their defences are roughly equal. Not much to tell between Barrett and Higgins. I'm giving #5 to the Stamps because Burris is better than Crandell, and the Riders have a losing record on the road.

And the also-rans:
7. Hamilton. They've won 4 of their last 5 at Ivor Wynne. They have the best kicker in the CFL. The new players they've brought in are phenomenal. And for the first time since he arrived in 1998, the Cats won a game in which Danny McManus did not play.
8. Winnipeg. I gotta tell ya, that 41-1 thumping was ugly. Even with Glenn in, they didn't seem to be able to do anything; and once he got taken out, things just got worse. If he has a concussion, he may not play next week either.
9. Ottawa. A real enigma. They have a great quarterback, a great running back, some great receivers, and some great players on defence, but they can't put together a winning season. I like Paopao, but could he be the problem? At one point they were all alone in first, and while most people didn't expect them to finish there, I certainly didn't foresee the total collapse they've suffered.

My opinion. I don't expect anyone to agree with me. :mrgreen:

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Roughriders
  3. Danny Barrett
  4. Roy Shivers

It's good you put a date on there, because no team in the CFL has been a solid team. Edm, BC, Tor, Mtl, Cgy, Ssk have all looked unbeatable one weekend and looked like jokes 7 days later. I wouldn't want to pick a Grey Cup winner because no team in the league is consistant enough to be a favourite.

Actually... a very good summary and I do agree with point # 9.

The coaching staff needs a overhaul. We've got talent. As good as anyone elses.

Problem being inconsistancy from the sidelines. Who calls the plays whether they come in from upstairs or from the sideline.

If we had smart flootball people here, I don't think we would have as many problems.

Last year... the machine was running great... until the office closed the wallet and we couldn't get the talent in. KJ got hurt and we didn't have the talent to assist Banks, Miller, or Kennedy so we lost and lost and lost.

Example... when was the last time you saw Josh Ranek rush for more than 10 yards in one play? Other teams caught on fast and he's lucky to pull out 2 or 3 yards per rush. We don't have the ability to adjust. There's a lack of creativity on the sideline.

I'm however in it for the long haul and am anxiously waiting to renew and can't wait for camp!

According to the offical CFL standings. :smiley:

  1. B.C.
  6. SASK

Good point hello. According to the standings is all you can go by. Every team has been either good or bad for stretches during the season.