Best holder of all time!

After all "the best" receiver, running back, coaches, of all time threads, it is time to get serious. Who is the all time best CFL holder? (Yes holder, the guy who catches the snap and holds the ball for the kicker to kick a field goal).

My vote goes to Ben Cahoon. He caught a ton of high snaps and the kickers have a high rate of sucess with him as a holder.

My second choice is Chuckles Mcgee of the 1940s Calgary Stampeders.

Are you kidding, hehe

Who's the best holder of all time. I would think all holders are within 1-2 % of each other. Its not something you can compare with any accuracy.

who's the best clipboard holder?

who has the biggest beer gut in the stands?

who has the best backwards baseball cap?

what kind of ridiculous thread, lay off da pipe.

dont like them, dont read them

Please ro! you're setting a bad example here. Please, Please ensure that you use proper punctuation in the future.

I'm trying to keep it simple.

I’m sorry, I mean no disrespect, but this is perhaps the funniest non-dirty name I’ve ever heard!

I will require an all time roster of players who have been required to hold, then & only then will I form an opinion.

Glen Suitor, the holder of “The Kick”

A little off-topic, but if any field goal in the history of the league gets to be called "The Kick", shouldn't it be something a little more, shall we say, challenging? 30 yards, from dead centre, in an indoor stadium?

Not exactly legendary for its own merits - more because of the overall context. Had the final score been 12-9, or Sask's drought a couple of decades shorter, no one would even remember that same kick.

(Yes, I'm still bitter.)

Wow you are the king if you remember that far back! Leather helmets and all!

G2TB, x2 on that one.

Actually the best "holders" of all time are any Edmonton Eskimo offensive lineman... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Darren Flutie! :slight_smile:

best holder: pamela anderson

clearly the answer is FLUTIE

Whoever held for Nick Volpe in the Mud Bowl.

When I read the subject of this thread I thought it was going to be a slam fest about what player gets away with holding calls the most.. :slight_smile:

Dick Pound. The best porn name not in porn.