Best Grey Cups Ever

My favorite Grey Cups are the 87,89,91,94,96 and 2005

What are everyone else's favorite? and why?

1994 (Lui's winning kick) and 2005 were ny favourites!

I'd have to say my fav GCs were:

'89 (Ridgeway's winning kick)
'94 (Lui doing the same)
'96 (high scoring game, despite the snow)
2004 (Argos won and I was there)
2005 (need we go through the obvious?)

Hard to beat last year's cup!

Im going to be biased on my first one, because the 89 Cup is only that I can distinctly recall(I was only 2 when the Riders won their first one). The game had everything you could want , including an exciting finish. The other one was the 87 GC, where the score was 38-36 Eskimos. It was an exciting game as well, last team who had the football wins. Last year's game was a thriller as well, and that is the beauty of the CFL, championship games are exciting, unlike the Super Bores in the NFL(but it is a good excuse to have a few beers, lol).

'96 and '05

I know I am really dating myself but here goes.

1961 - One of my earliest Grey Cup memories and the great Kenny Ploen running for the game winning TD in overtime. The only Grey Cup decided in OT. (note - if Kenny Ploen doesn't make the top 10 in the CFL al time best, the voters should be shot, All-Star both sides of the ball)

1975 Calgary - My first live, up close and in person Grey Cup, complete with streaker and of course the Eskimos won. Also the coldest Grey Cup I aver attended, or so it seemed.

1984 Edmonton - Edmontons first Grey Cup, maybe the best parties ever.

1989 - Dave Ridgway, need I say more (sorry Dave Cutler and Lui, Dave Ridgway makes the place kicker in the top 50 IMO)

1989 no question. For more reasons than the Riders won.

1 Phenomenal catches by Hamilton's Tony Champion - with broken ribs no less. One catch where he dove and landed on his back for a touchdown.

2 Last minute drive by the Riders to get into field goal range, with another amazing catch by Mark Guy.

3 Lots of offence

4 Last second field goal for the win.

1989 being the best Grey Cup and overall football game ever. Followed closely by the 1996 GC.

what was so special bout 89 that so many people chose it?

I think its because it was one of the first games of the "modern generation" that went down to the final play of the game to be decided.

....high scoring.....see-saw scoring.....last minute heriocs.....the '89 Grey Cup was fantastic to watch, in my opinion.....rivals 2005 for the top spot, if you ask me.....

  1. I didn't believe we'd win even after we won. The 8-10 team with the crappy QB against the unstoppable offence of the Khari Jones lead Blue Bombers.. I held my breath for practically the whole game. Other than that I can't recall a particularly compelling Grey Cup.. but then again I only started watching them in the mid 90's. I didn't even see the Stamps win in 92. :frowning:

Just curious, when exactly did the "modern generation" start? For old pharts like me 1961 is modern, games were televised, no leather helmets, forward passes, instant replays. 1961 was certainly considered modern era in Baseball. Roger Maris 61 in 61, why not football. As I said scoring the winning touchdown in overtime (sudden death, no shootout) would definately constitute going down to the final play.

I love that name: Tony Champion lol

Yeah not being biased here but 43-40? and the game won on the last play of the game.. absoulte seesaw battle is right..last year though would be a very close second in my books..:slight_smile:

I was there! I had possibly the worst seat in the Big O but it was loud and awesome! Come to think of it, the best Grey Cups for me have to be the ones that I have been lucky enough to attend:

1988: don't remember very much from the game but remember that it was packed, compared to the attendance for the rest of the season and that I was with my Dad!

2001: road trip to Montreal with my Boston native, CFL obsessed buddy. Pizza and beer in a bar on St-Catherines, almost missing the kickoff, a packed Big O, Calgary winning. All good!

2005: Frank Clair Stadium, walking to the ballpark and having a chat with Chris Shultz. Great atmosphere, great game, Damon Allen running the length of the field when the Argos one. All in my backyard! Awesome.

CFL Rocks!

I would have to agree that '89 was the best ever. Two teams ready to play, slugging it out and never backing down. As football games go, that was one of the best games all time, either league.

All too often the 'Cup has disappointed because one or both teams had the stuffing knocked out in the conference final. Despite that, I'd have to say that the "70 game (with a fresh Montreal) over the thouroghly beat up (but very tenacious) Stamps comes in second in my mind.

That would have been 2004!

He missed a year.....Maybe too much Pizza and beer in 2001? :wink: