Best Grey Cup in Recent Memory.

Obviously most fans will say the one where their team won it, and I am no exception. The 3 best in recent memory are.....
1996: Toronto 43 Edmonton 37: Horrible Weather. Awesome Game. Though at times you could hardly see the field, it was a hell of a game to be at. Great Job by Hamilton making it a hole enjoyable festival.
1997: Toronto 47 Saskatchewan 23: Good job getting their Roughies, but Flutie and the Argos showed they were clearly the better team that year, and kept the Grey Cup where it belongs.
2004: What can I say? Minutes before the game started B.C fans were talking sh*t on the old Fan Huddle, about how this game was going to get ugly, and how it wasn't even going to be close. Oh how sweet it was when Allen showed he was the best qb on the field. Better than Mr. CFL MVP, and the Charger reject. It was great to see that soon to be NFL junk Printers not take one snap all game. It was great to see the Best D, dismantle the Best O. I loved it when the Westerns, Quebecers, Steel Mill Workers, and most By-towners, chant Argos suck, knowing it was their night. Most of was nice to see the Cup come back home.

1996 and the Flutie fumble.

I have to admit it was a great game!

haha, I knew someone would mention that…well we could get video replay…or is that too NFL for everyone?

1994 and 2000. 1994, BC wins it at home against Baltimore (American team). Passaglia with a last second FG to win it.

2000 was great because we finished the regular season 8-10 and still won the Grey Cup against the Als. While last year we came close, we are showing this year that we can take it to a whole new level.

Hey Argonauts 04 Champs, look who's trash talking now? It's you. You may have beaten us last year in the Grey Cup, but this year we're showing you who's boss. 0-2 against us this season, and the Grey Cup is in our house for 05. We're taking the cup home in front of 59,000 at BC Place this season.

The Snow Bowl in , HAMILTON…I was there and it was snowing sideways, all game…Toronto beats Edmonton.

And that was an obvious fumble by Flutie.But the catch of the game was made by?[ED] …who , while running full steam , the ball bounced off his knee , then off his foot in a blizzard …he reached down to catch the ball and he then ran for a , TD.

1989…1st GREY CUP at the SKYDOME…

We were sitting in the end zone and it was 3rd and goal for HAMILTON…time was running out , don’t convert and the game is over.

TONY CHAMPION , flying face up catches the ball with 3 broken ribs.HAMILTON ties the game , only to have ROBO kicker, kick the winning field goal with no time left.

SASK…must have really partied hard that year.

For organization and parties…OTTAWA , 2004. :smiley:

Im all in favor of Video replay

Don't get to ahead of yourself. Remember what happend last time the Grey Cup was in B.C?????

last time was in '99... that has absolutely NO relevance SIX YEARS later... that'd be like us saying.... you remember what happened last time the argos played a Grey Cup in Vancouver???.... it doesn't mean a damn thing... what DOES mean something.... is that the Lions have BEAT the Argos not once but TWICE... THIS YEAR.

Montreal , beat the ARGOS last year too , in the regular season...........2 times........or was it 3?........and we still beat them when it really counted.

The GREY CUP, is a winner take all first have to get there.

Other teams in the WEST FINAL ,[if B.C. gets that far].........are not going to give you a free pass.

hello there is right. the regular season means nothing when its november. last year the allouettes didn't lose to any eastern team all season long. then look what happend. the eskimos in 1994 i think it was, were 16-2 best record ever in cfl history....what happend? lost to Calgary in the West Final.

As for what I said, what I mean is not count your eggs before they hatch...because B.C has won the divison before, been one game away from hosting the grey cup on home turf, and then to lose the west final. I'm not saying it'll happen because the grey cup is in B.C.

Ahhh. . .Robokicker in '89. . .I'd love to dream that it would happen again. . .

Riders is a cup? possibly if they turn it around.....Hamilton in a cup....yeah when Jack Layton gets elected. :lol:

Argonauts 04 Champs:

I never said we won the West or the Grey Cup. It's still only August, but so far my BC Lions are the best team in the league. Yes, that could change, but I don't see us relinquishing top spot in the West anytime soon. Is there anything wrong predicting that the Lions will finish first in the West and make it to the Western Final at home, with the possibility of playing in the 2005 Grey Cup at BC Place? I think more people than not would call you crazy for not thinking the Lions will make it to the Grey Cup this year. It's hard to bet against a team that gets it done, week in and week out.

1989 For sure. Riders 43 TiCats 40

I have to agree with hellothere and others, the 1989 Grey Cup is the best I have seen and I'm an Eskies fan. My dad is a roughriders fan (he wants to disown me) and he still has the original game recorded on VHS tape. I must have watched it 10 times by now, it is such an exciting game. Lots of sask fans in the crowd too which is always great to see.

2000 is an underrated Grey Cup. It went down to the last second.

  1. Awesome game.

In 2000 I cheerd for Montreal, and I felt so bad for them. They lost 4 straight Eastern Finals to the Argos and Ti-cats, and when they finally got to the Grey Cup, they blew it.

The 2000 Grey Cup game was boring as hell. The Lions won because Montreal started playing in the fourth quarter only. The proof that BC wasn't strong is that they didn't manage to get a comfortable lead while the Als were playing one of their worst game of the year. BC really played like a 8-10 team. But the Als played like the playoff chokers they are.

1987 - Edmonton over Toronto, 1989 - Sask over Hamilton, 1994 B.C. over Baltimore ,and 1996 Toronto over Edmonton.