Best Grey Cup Game ever?

Going into the 93rd year of the CFL which championship gamw would you consider to be the best ever? Obviously with the different ages groups and bias opinions on teams many should have different answers. When I think about some of the greatest matches in Grey Cup history I think of 1987 Edmonton vs Toronto, 1988 Winnipeg vs British Columbia, 1989 Saskatchewan vs Toronto, 1998 Calgary vs Hamilton. For the best I still think it's 1994 British Columbia vs Baltimore the game was not only increible down to the final second, but what it meant as a nation to knock out an American team full of stars. People always talk about a NFL v CFL match, it kinda felt like that in the sense we had to beat the Americans at our own game.

well, the NFL would kick our @ss. they just have better talent. maybe they would have a disadvantage with 3 downs, they couldn't run as much.

'94 Lions win over the Stallions was great, and I’m still trying to forget '88 against Winnipeg. I think for sheer scoring, it would have to be Sask/Argos.

Aren't you guys referring to the Sask/Hamilton Grey Cup in 1989? Great game. ps. the BC Lions over Baltimore Stallions was a great one also. A lot of Canadian pride in that one. The only thing that sucked was they announced Lui Passaglia the player of the game, then changed it and gave the new truck to someone else.

For back-and-forth excitement I have to go with the 1987 game between Edmonton and Toronto, followed by the 1989 shootout between Saskatchewan and Hamilton. The best game I attended was in 1994 between B.C. and Baltimore, or Canada and the U.S. The crowd was standing and cheering from start to finish.

Any grey cup game the Als won!

The best Grey Cup ever was held in 1912 where the Hamilton Alerts beat Toronto 11-4 in front of a sold out crowd of 5,337. I was there. I remember the score was tied at four when the Alert QB, Dr. Horace Hobbs, couldn't find his helmet in the fourth quarter and played the rest of the game wearing a small fruit crate on his head. He was an inspriration to us doughboys who were training mightly to head to Europe as an advance force to quell the Huns being whipped to a frenzy by that bastard but brilliant Bismark. "It was fourth and twenty as Hobbs approached the scrimmage line, jauntily adjusted the crate upon his noggin and audibled his men, "Right Chaps.....Newcastle Left.....Banbury Right.....God Save the King.....I say, Hut my Good Man, Hut and Tally Ho!" It was a brilliant call as Hobbs himself carried the pig downfield, with a stiff arm here and there By Jove he cracked the Boatmen line and only once looked in trouble, when Farcus McGillicuddy had Hobbs by his suspenders and threatened to pull him down, but Hobbs' newfangled tear-away trousers saved the day and he crossed the goal line in his black and yellow striped knickers and was carried off the field by his men to the cheers of us on the sideline........Best GC ever!

for me the best Grey Cup game had to be the 'Fog Bowl in the sixties. We had a great coach in WPG. by the name of Bud Grant and in HAMILTON they had a coach who went around saying things like' ; we are going to simply WAFFLE them'. Jim Trimble was the name of the Ticats coach and it was with great pleasure the BOMBERS ' WHIPPED 'them.. Mind you it took two days to finish the game because you couldn't see the field anymore. I still remember Leo Lewis running under a Kenny Ploen pass, out of a fog bank. How these guys even knew where each other was on the field attests to the team-work each other had.. What a game and the best team won. That wouldn't happen in TO. anymore with the game inside.,and I guess the league doesn't need that exciting element anymore.....BUT THEN......

Shortly after the '12 victory, to honour Dr. H Hobbs' amazing victory, the Hamilton Alerts changed their name to the Tigers, after Hobbs' black and yellow striped long-johns, revealed after being stripped of his pants as he won the game. In 1913 I attended the Grey Cup match which again featured the Tigers, this time against an unlikely choice of combatant, the Parkdale Canoe Club. The PCC won the chance to play the Tigers after their secretary, Mrs. (Dolores) Stanley H. Peabody entered the clubs name in a Whiffle Soap contest. On the day of the match, the Tigers showed up in their new uniforms of tweed plus-fours, oxford button shirts and stripped knee socks. The five members of the Parkdale Canoe Club were surprised that the event was an 'actual' football match and were ultimately pummelled by the Tigers 44-2, with their two points coming off missed Tiger field goal attempts. Three of the five PCC members were hospitalized but were of course very good natured as a result as they were reminded that the event was being broadcast on the local CBC radio channel. "Cheerio!" Davison Brandyfoot called to his fellow Club members as they took him off the field on two separate stretchers, "don't despair my oarsmen, give those Tigers what for!!" It was a splendid day as Rose has made cucumber sandwiches for us all and afterwards we celebrated the Tigers lopsided win with a concert at the Memorial Bandstand .

94' game was great, but the 89' game between Hamilton and Saskatchewan was not only the best Grey Cup game ever, but arguably one of the best football games played anywhere, anytime...

:oops: me bad yes the 1989 classic was between Saskatchewan and Hamilton I said Toronto thinking of the location. I agree that game blew me away I really wanted to see the Riders take it, but something about that game in 1994 just makes it sweeter for me. 8)

1987 Edmonton versus Toronto.

What rules are you playing and is there a ratio? Play on a CFL field and I like the chances of the bulkier LBs being worn out deep in a game. We see it all the time...guy comes back from an NFL stint and it takes a bit to trim down as he needs to for the CFL game.

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The last game was one of the greatest. With the snow being a huge factor and, in the final moments, the last play of the game made for an exciting Argo win over Calgary.

The past two years were both pretty awesome, with monster upsets of a heavily favoured Calgary squad.


The best way to start a game would be with an opening kickoff touchdown return. Marcus Thigpen did this with Hamilton a while back for the first game of the year.

If the Edmonton Grey Cup is going to be one of the best, let it open with a kickoff return touchdown.

By Diontae Spencer.

By BOTH teams.