Best Grey Cup Ever????

What was the BEst Grey Cup EVer?

  1. Riders win in '89
  2. Passaglia's winning field goal for BC in '94 at home.
  3. 1966 Grey Cup
  4. 1976 Ottawa vs. Sask. (Tony Gabriel's catch)
  5. Flutie's win with Toronto over Edmonton (McManus = QB)- really high scoring in snow in Hamilton I think.


See turkey you proved my point.
All riders can say is 1989!!!
That game was a joke.Fluke by the riders.
The best Grey Cup ever has to be 1997!!

The 1976 Grey Cup was voted the all-time best game ever on TSN last year. Remember? I had a few pops with Tony Gabriel last year during Grey Cup Week, and when I told him, he was like a little kid.

I'm biased 1994 Luiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

1989 , SASK vs. HAMILTON. [I was there]

The TONY CHAMPION's 3rd and goal CATCH [with 3 broken ribs] to tie the game with under a minute left , The Narcess[sp] CATCH and The RIDGEWAY , FIELD GOAL for the win, 43 to 40 :shock: :smiley:

1987 , EDMONTON vs. TORONTO [The 75th GREY CUP]

THE GIZMO's missed field goal RUN BACK for a TD , and yet another WINNING FG for , EDMONTON , 38 to 36 :cry: :shock: :smiley:

1976..............[I was there, MY FIRST ONE]......... OTTAWA vs. SASK.

GABRIEL , the end zone , and people running out onto the field. 23 to 20 :shock: :smiley: OTTAWA, were already stopped once , with 0 points , but not the second time.

1994 , B.C. vs. BALTIMORE

LUI , LUI , in his home town and beating an all [mostly , American team] , 26 to 23 :smiley:

LUI , also scores the winning points in the 2000 GREY CUP , [CALGARY] in his last CFL game. :shock: :smiley:

1996.......THE SNOW BOWL........TORONTO vs. EDMONTON..........[I was there]

80 points were scored in a vertical snow blizzard in , HAMILTON . An EDMONTON , player catches a TD pass off his knee and then his foot.

GIZMO , does it AGAIN. :smiley: For the last time. :cry:

The FLUTIE fumble.........wrong call.

ARGOS win , in a nail better, 43 to 37

1981 , EDMONTON vs. OTTAWA ..................

The OTTAWA R.R. [with a 5 and 11 record] makes it to the GREY CUP , and takes a 20 to 0 , lead into half time.

Only to lose to EDMONTON , 26 to 23 , on a last second FG. :shock: :smiley:

1983 , TORONTO vs. B.C.

JOE BARNS , becomes the unlikely hero for long suffering ARGOS fans who hadn't won the GREY CUP in 31 years.....ARGOS win , 18 to 17!

200, 000 , people showed up at the down town parade. :shock: :smiley:

1988 , WINNIPEG vs. B.C.

B.C. , were down by only a couple of points and with time running out , B.C. was in the WINNIPEG RED ZONE , and could have easily won the CUP with a FG.

HOWEVER , B.C. passes , the pass hits some one and the ball lands right into the hands of the WINNIPEG defence.......WINNIPEG WINS.......22 to 21.

The "imaculate interception" was born. :shock: :smiley:

89 Cup was one of the most exciting ever.....won on the last play of the game in a shootout....I can honestly say any Cup wth the Argos in it.. I fell asleep in the second Quarter

Yeah your right Detor.
After 15 cups that have been won by Toronto, it does get a little boring after a while.Same thing over and over.Well this year you don’t have to fall a sleep.Next year you will though.
Another Toronto Grey Cup next year!!!I guess it will be another boring win for Toronto!!!16 boring cups!!!YAWN!!!

Hey Detor must have been another boring Grey Cup.13th time for the Eskies.It sure was sleeper!!!Your such an idiot Detor!!!
Congrats Eskies.
Like I said money talks!!!I LOVE IT!!!
One more thing.I don’t bash Detor Because he is a rider fans.I bash him because he is a moron!!!

not anymore, they 95 record was borken by 1 yard last night.

Best GC is 1961, Winnipeg wins in OT (frist ever in GC history) by a QB run 30 yards in to the try zone!!!

man this ranks up there with the best but they have been alot of amazing grey cup games. let's call it one of the best, because every game haa their own moments.

The 1989 game was a classic for sure Turkeybend.

Once again...knocking Rider fans. All Turkey did was list the 1989 game. You're a real gem saskargo. Get over your Rider phobia.

nflfan4life I said that last week,Since then I said I would leave rider fans alone,I also said I wasn't going to take crap from little pukes like you!!!